Rip Squad [Arcade – Cancelled]

Rip Squad is a cancelled driving shooter / action game that was in development from 1999 to 2001 by Midway for the Arcades. It was going to be a war-themed game, inspired by Call of Duty and a TV show called “Rat Patrol”. The gameplay featured 360° of on-screen movement, a mounted .50 cal rifle inside the cabinet and a seat with a shaker beneath it, to simulate the motion of the jeep driving over different types of terrain.

As we can read on Arcade Heroes:

Back in 2001, Midway made a decision to dump their long standing coin-op division in favor of focusing developments on console gaming.  When that decision came down, there were still some arcade games floating around in the development cycle, which were subsequently canceled and were lost to the knowledge of the public.

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American Idol [Arcade – Cancelled]

In 2009 an arcade developer, Raw Thrills (best known for big buck hunter, fast and the furious and H2overdrive), were developing an arcade music game based on the popular show American Idol, but it got cancelled after some time, probably because of licencing issues.

The game was expensive to play, but you were able to record your own video. After you’d finished playing the machine would either send the video of you playing the game via e-mail or it would burn it to dvd for you.

You can read more about this unreleased game at Arcade Heroes.

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Neo Geo Battle Coliseum [ARC PS2 – Beta]

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum is a 2 on 2 tag team fighting game developed by SNK Plyamore and released in 2005 for the Atomiswave arcade board, with a Playstation 2 port in the same year. Mikel noticed some beta differences in a trailer from the JAMMA/TGS 2004:

At 0:20, you’ll see Mai do her trademark Super Deadly Ninja Bees move, you may notice that when she starts the move, you will see that the Desperation Move Sparks are The King of Fighters XI, the Desperation Move sparks in the final version of Neo Geo Battle Coliseum are different, and the Desperation Move sparks you see later made it to The King of Fighters XI.

At 0:24, you’ll see Asura (From Samurai Shodown 64-2 (The 64 doesn’t mean that it’s for Nintendo 64, it’s for an old, abandoned Arcade Board by SNK named the “Hyper Neo Geo 64”)) preform a Double Assault, the Double Assault spark was later reused for the Leader Despeation move spark in The King of Fighters XI, and the Double Assault background is somewhat absent.

At 0:31, you’ll see Yuki doing a strange pose while K’ does some Light Kicks then K’ later taunts, the sprites for the pose Yuki was doing were absent in the final game.

At 0:33, you’ll see Fuuma doing a weird taunt that has him spinning his head around holding a folding fan, then he opens the folding fan (i.e. Mai Shiranui) at the end, I am not too sure if that taunt is in the final.

At 0:41, you’ll see that Hanzo’s stance is different, that stance was replaced with a new stance in the final game.

At 0:42, you’ll see that when Ai walks backwards, only one sprite shows up, she gets sprites when she walks backwards in the final game, and Ai’s taunt is also different.

At 0:47, you’ll see K’ preform his double assault with Tung Fu Rue, you’ll see that the background is black.

At 1:21, you’ll see Asura preform one of his moves, you will also see that the background doesn’t fade to black when he does the move (I forgot the name of the move, if you know the name, tell me right away).

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Psy-Phi [Arcade – Unreleased]

Psy-Phi is an unreleased arcade action-shooting game based on Sega’s Lindbergh hardware, that was designed by Yu Suzuki and incorporated a 29″ touch-screen display for gameplay. In Psy-Phi players hovered in the air and competed against the CPU or another human with attacks by trailing a path or inputting special symbols on the touch screen.

The original release was planned for spring 2006, but the arcade units were called back in March 06 (the units were still in shipping and had yet to reach arcades) and so Psy-Phi vanished forever.  Some units were previewed at trade shows, as well as some arcades receiving units for beta tests (most notably Gameworks). It’s currently unknown why Sega decided to not release this project. [Info from Wikipedia]

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Let’s Go Jungle! [Arcade – Beta]

Let’s Go Jungle is an arcade light gun shooter published by Sega in Japan in 2006 for the Lindbergh hardware system. In this game players have to shoot down various monsters ranging from a towering praying mantis, mutant frogs and blood-sucking leeches, while they attack these tourists en route through river rapids, cavern ruins, bluffs and more.

Kieranmay was able to notice many beta differences in an early promo trailer:

1. when it tells you to steer the icon intructions are presented differently.

2. the part where you shoot those dragon flys has a stone cliff on the left hand side of the screen in the final version.

3. the scene where the couple realise there heading towards a cliff “what?! theres a cliff”scream and hold on to each other is not present, it goes straight to the action button scene.

4. the water in the swamp scene the couple are walking through is orange/murcky brown colour but in the final version it’s clear.

5. the scene where your on the river shooting those bugs on water are a dark colour but in the final version they’re lime green.

6. the direction icons are red and white but in the final they are either just blue or red depending on which player gets instructions.

7. the frogs that jump out of the water were jumping out much faster in the beta and were a light green but in the final they jump out thats easier for the player to shoot and are green and yellow.

8. the scene where you’re sliding down in the cave you don’t hear gun bullets ricocheting off the sides in the cave like in the final version.

9. other difference in the cave going down the slideis in the final version you have to shoot at the stone tights or you will get hurt but in the beta you don’t shoot them and you don’t get hurt, you just go past them on the way down.

10. the level sumary is different at the end of each level you complete as shown in the video.

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