Primal Rage 2 [Arcade – Cancelled]

Primal Rage 2 [Arcade – Cancelled]

Primal Rage 2 is a cancelled fighting game that was in development in 1995 / 1996 by Atari for the Arcades. As we can read on Wikipedia, the game was to feature new characters that took on the form of humans and were called the Avatars, instead of the beasts / dinosaurs of the first title. During the development something went wrong and in the end Primal Rage 2 was never released. It’s currently unknown how much of the game was finished before the cancellation.

As it should be well known, this game has been leaked online. Although, it is currently unplayable.

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5 thoughts on “Primal Rage 2 [Arcade – Cancelled]

  1. Adam

    While Primal Rage wasn’t my favorite fighter ever, from all I have seen of PR2, it looks like it would have been a fun game, with deeper elements to it than the first which would have made it more interesting.

  2. Betaman

    Fuck that shit, if I wanted to play as a human being in a fighting game, I would play Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. The only reason Primal Rage was cool was because it had animals and dinosaurs fighting instead of ninjas and movie stars.

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