Outrun 2 [Arcade – Beta]

Outrun 2 [Arcade – Beta]

As we can read in Wikipedia, OutRun 2 is a racing game released by Sega in 2003. Developing the game precipitated some changes for its developers, Sega-AM2, who had historically written their games using Unix systems. Writing for an Xbox-based system meant they had to adapt to the Microsoft Windows kernel. In Seganaomi’s Youtube Channel we can see a video from a beta version of the game, with some minor differences:

Outrun 2: Arcade beta test version running on my Sega Universal driving cab, powered by Chihiro hardware, the beta has a different intro & more interestingly you can continue when the timer runs out aswell as loads more views available including “birds eye view” as you can see not all the music made it into this test version, enjoy !

Thanks to Elie for the contribution!


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One thought on “Outrun 2 [Arcade – Beta]

  1. Adam

    I really need to play Outrun 2 one of these days. I’ve heard it’s an excellent game but I have only seen it in an arcade in Vegas.

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