Tekken (Rave War) [Arcade – Beta]

Tekken (Rave War) [Arcade – Beta]

Tekken is the first of a series of fighting games with the same name, but originally in the beta it was going to be titled “Rave War” as seen in a scan from EGM issue 65. The game was developed by Namco and released at arcades in late 1994 and on the PlayStation in 1995. In another scan with concept arts taken from the Tekken Chronicle book, you can see very old / different versions of several Tekken characters. LeeChaolan was originally a silver haired brute, Nina looks like an Elf, and Kazuya looked a lot beefier than he does now.

Thanks to Celine for the EGM scan!


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2 thoughts on “Tekken (Rave War) [Arcade – Beta]

  1. bombman

    The name has always been Tekken. Namco wanted to rename it Rave War for the US market, but ended up leaving it Tekken.

  2. Aybe

    I remember buying this game for PS, exactly on 4th December 1995; at ‘Ultima’ store which now ceased to exist … There was a lot of snow that day (Paris, FR), actually I was so crazy that I bought the game before the PS which I bought the next month. 16 years later it still kicks ass !

    But that’s for the story, actually, that remembers me that there are some ‘Rave War’ writings in Rave Racer, sorry but I can’t visually confirm that to you right now …

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