Super Burn Out [Jaguar – Beta]

Super Burn Out [Jaguar – Beta]

Super Burnout is a superbike racing game developed by Shen Technologies SARL and published for the Jaguar by Atari Corporation / Virtual Xpérience in 1995. Before the game was finished, it was simply called Burn Out and this beta version is in the hand of some collector. As we can read from the video uploaded on Youtube by viMasterJag:

I’ve noticed only a few differences between this & the commercial version. One being the title screen is clearly different. The setup options are slightly different and the beta is missing one of the game modes from the final release.

Thanks to Adam for the contribution!


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4 thoughts on “Super Burn Out [Jaguar – Beta]

  1. musehead

    I think the major change is about collisions: at the start of the race the bike passes through other ones, this happens not in the final release.

    Very impressive how fast Shen developed this game: just 8-9 months, working on the devkit only during weekends. If this beta is 1 or 2 months older than the final Super Burnout, it means that the game was almost completed in 6-7 months!!! And it’s one of the best Jaguar performance!

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