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Metro 2033 [X360 PC – Beta]

Metro 2033 is FPS / survival horror based on the novel with the same name, written by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. The game was developed since 2005 by 4A Games in the Ukraine, but it was released only in March 2010 for Xbox 360 and PC, after more than 5 years. In all this time Metro 2033 changed a lot: the graphic engine shown in the screenshots from 2006 had to be updated with a more powerful one, more details and characters were added to the explorable areas.

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Here’s a video from the final 2010 version:

More Beta / Tech Demo videos:


Call of Duty: Devil’s Brigade [X360 PS3 – Cancelled]

Call of Duty: Devil’s Brigade is a cancelled FPS that was in development by Underground Development (aka Z-Axis) from 2007 to 2009, for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Activision closed the studio on February 11th, 2010. It’s possible that Call of Duty: Devil’s Brigade was cancelled to shift resources to Guitar Hero: Van Halen, that could have been a more profitable project for them. This game in the Call of Duty series would have been set in Italy during World War 2. This was meant to be CoD4 before it was cancelled.

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Mortal Kombat: Fire & Ice (Shaolin Monks 2) [XBOX 360 – Cancelled]

Mortal Kombat: Fire & Ice is the cancelled sequel to Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, that was in development from late 2005 till early 2006 by Paradox (later renamed Midway Studios Los Angeles). A prototype was created for the Xbox 360, to test their new “next generation” graphic engine, but soon the project had to be canned, as revealed by Ed Boon to Game Informer:

“When they finished [Shaolin Monks], the guys at Paradox were gonna do another one called Fire & Ice. It was gonna be a co-operative Scorpion and Sub-Zero game,” Boon said. “They actually started the early stages of that game, but they couldn’t do it in time and under budget, so the project was canceled and kind of went away.”

Also, in august 2009 The Realm of Mortal Kombat fansite was able to get in contact with a former Paradox developer, that shared some more info and a level design concept for Shaolin Monks 2:

It was canceled within a few weeks of my arriving at Midway. I don’t have anything else to show you unfortunately. Half the studio was laid off, and new management was brought in. Then we started work on TNA Wrestling.

A prototype level was built, but that was it. A few design docs were worked on, and a few characters were made in 3D – Scorpion and Subzero. The game was codenamed Fire & Ice – as those two characters were to be the main characters. I was really looking forward to doing level design and construction for it. It was a shame it was canceled.

In 2008 Midway Studios Los Angeles was relocated and merged with Midway’s San Diego office and their last game was TNA iMPACT!

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Moscow Rhapsody [X360 PS3 – Cancelled]

Moscow Rhapsody is a cancelled FPS that was in development for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 by Illusion Softworks before they were were acquired by Take-Two Interactive / 2K Czech in January 2008 and renamed 2K Czech. As we can read in Wikipedia, the company’s first well known game was Hidden & Dangerous in 1999 and their own 3D engine was prepared for the game Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, which was first released in 2002. After some years the studio started to work on Mafia II, Moscow Rhapsody and Enemy in Sight (the cancelled spiritual sequel to the Hidden and Dangerous series).

Moscow Rhapsody was probably canned to shift development resources into Mafia 2.

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Halo Reach [XBOX 360 – Beta]

Halo Reach is Bungies fifth and final game in the Halo series. It is a prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved, it takes place during the final days of the human colony Reach before the Covenant glass the planet. The game follows the story of Noble Team, a 6 Spartan squad who try desperately and fail to save their planet. Due to the games mature subject matter it is said to be Bungies darkest game yet.

At Bungies 2010 PAX Presentation they went over the games development all the way from chicken scratch on a piece of looseleaf paper to the finished product we have today. In these following comparison screens you can see just how much a map can  change over the course of 3 years. The 1st screen is the map in its early development stage, and the 2nd screen is the map as we know it today.

Early Development


Early Development


Early Development


PAX 2010: Bungie Halo: Reach Panel

The Development of Noble Team

At the beginning of Halo Reaches development there were originally going to be 8 Spartans in Noble Team.

The original Noble 8

This was then cut down into a 7 member Noble Team.

Noble 7

Spartans Rosinda, and Thom didn’t make the final cut. Thom is still in the games story though in the form of he died and the player character is replacing him.

Character Changes

Hadlermaster from forums was kind enough to create comparison shots of the different characters in the game showing their early video looks compared to the Live Action and Final Game models.

This one’s  especially interesting because Jun’s completely different looking, and Emiles face is never shown in the final game

Bungie PAX Part 2

Cut Gameplay Prototypes


DLC Betas:
Following are pictures of an Anchor 9 DLC map beta with their released counterparts. Amongst just the map model there is also additional items on the map that were later removed such as a Moah Vehicle you can ride which was fully removed from the game.