Switch (GRIN) [Cancelled – PSP]

Switch (GRIN) [Cancelled – PSP]

Switch is a cancelled FPS that was in development by GRIN around 2006 (after they finished working on Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for PC), planned to be released on the Sony PSP. It seems the game was officially announced by the company, and they wanted to launch it along with some kind of hardware add-on for the PSP. Not much information is still available online, but we know the game was set on a space base, following a sci-fi story similar to Alien.

Some Switch concept art was shown by the company at the time and a 3D model was shared online by a former GRIN artist. These images are preserved below, to remember the existence of this lost game.

In the end GRIN had many more canned games when the company bankrupted: Streets of Rage Reboot, Strider, Wanted 2, Tower, Final Fantasy Fortress.



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One thought on “Switch (GRIN) [Cancelled – PSP]

  1. Buzz

    Man, GRIN sure was prolific leading up to their demise. It’s a shame their actual output was limited mostly to licensed games like Wanted or Terminator Salvation. Then, when they DID get a chance for a big gaming IP, they did that awful Bionic Commando (I mean, it LOOKED fantastic, it just plays like butt. Seriously, I picked up a copy for PS3 about a year ago when a Gamestop was going out of business for $1 and was shocked at how unintuitive the swinging mechanics were. I was prepared for the dumb “radiation killzone” stuff and the weak-sauce gunplay, but man, the core mechanic is so far from where it should be…. everyone interested should just stick to Spider-Man games).

    A lot of the stuff they were working on was genuinely intriguing. Even if they didn’t have the talent to actually execute something amazing, these are all cool things to uncover.

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