Wanted 2 (Cult) [PS3/X360 – Cancelled]

Wanted 2 (Cult) [PS3/X360 – Cancelled]

Wanted 2 or “Cult” was the sequel of Wanted: Weapons of Fate. In development at GRiN Barcelona, the game was cancelled in 2009 when GRiN had to close as a result of financial troubles.


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One thought on “Wanted 2 (Cult) [PS3/X360 – Cancelled]

  1. Muhammad Junaid

    That’s a shame that the game was cancelled. I recently played Wanted: Weapons of Fate and really loved the game, even though it’s short and lacks basic features such as multiple levels. But I guess if I’m really enjoying the action in a game, I have low standards for it.

    Just another game to add up in my list of games that I would’ve loved to play but will never happen in this universe.

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