Wanted 2 / The Cult (GRIN) [Cancelled – Xbox 360, PS3, PC]

Wanted 2 / The Cult (GRIN) [Cancelled – Xbox 360, PS3, PC]

Wanted 2 or “The Cult” is a cancelled third person shooter in development at GRIN Barcelona, possibly conceived as a sequel to Wanted: Weapons of Fate, planned to be released for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. It seems players would have been able to play in different time-lines, such as the “old west” and the modern times. Unfortunately the game was never officially announced and just a few 3D models were shared online by former GRIN artists. Some of these images are preserved below, to remember the existence of this lost game. The game was cancelled in 2009 when GRiN had to close as a result of financial troubles.


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One thought on “Wanted 2 / The Cult (GRIN) [Cancelled – Xbox 360, PS3, PC]

  1. Muhammad Junaid

    That’s a shame that the game was cancelled. I recently played Wanted: Weapons of Fate and really loved the game, even though it’s short and lacks basic features such as multiple levels. But I guess if I’m really enjoying the action in a game, I have low standards for it.

    Just another game to add up in my list of games that I would’ve loved to play but will never happen in this universe.

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