Streets of Rage Reboot [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3]

Streets of Rage Reboot [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3]

Streets of Rage is a remake / reboot of the original Sega Genesis / Arcade brawler that was in development for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC by Grin, the same team behind titles such as Terminator Salvation, Wanted and the cancelled Wanted 2 and Final Fantasy Fortress.

Nothing much is known about this game, apart that is was a download-only title. The project was halted because of Grin’s financial difficulties that eventually bankrupted the company. In the gallery below we can see some concept arts and screens from an early build.

It seems that another reboot of Streets of Rage was also in development by Ruffian Games (the team behind Crackdown 2), but there are not many more info about this unseen project, apart from a beta / tech demo video preserved below thanks to Huff Allium!



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5 thoughts on “Streets of Rage Reboot [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3]

  1. Sam Jones

    In der inoffiziellen Beta-Version des Spiels (Bare Knuckle 2) waren noch zahlreiche Moves vertreten, die es letztendlich nicht ins endgültige Spiel geschafft haben und frappierend an Street Fighter 2 erinnerten. So verfügte Axel ursprünglich noch über einen klassischen Uppercut und den Hurricane Kick der Street Fighter-Ikonen Ryu und Ken.

  2. Sam Jones

    The developers of Crackdown 2 were once behind a modern-day remake of 16-bit beat ’em up classic Streets of Rage, as shown by a recently released video of the game in action.

    According to Ruffian Games staffers, the now-canceled Streets of Rage game was built in six to eight weeks by “a small pitching team.” The downloadable title was intended for unspecified consoles but was scrapped for reasons unknown.

    The playable prototype was built “very rapidly” and represents “pre-pre-pre-pre (lots of pres) pre-Alpha quality,” according to Gary Liddon, head of Ruffian Games. He uploaded a video of Streets of Rage to YouTube after a silent version of the same gameplay footage was uploaded to Vimeo last week.

    “What’s the story behind it all?” Liddon wrote on YouTube. “Like a lot of developers we work on a lot of different prototypes, they’re just not usually shown in public.”

    According to ex-Ruffian designer Sean Noonan, Streets of Rage had “some similarities with God of War” in terms of gameplay mechanics. Noonan says the game was built to feature “pure side scrolling levels that would smoothly blend into more typical modern action environments.” The prototype was developed sometime before July 2012, while Noonan — now working on Watch Dogs at Ubisoft — was still at Ruffian.

    Earlier this year, Sega announced it was canceling unnamed, in-development projects to focus on core franchises Sonic the Hedgehog, Total War, Football Manager and Aliens.

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