U64 back online, state of the site and suggestions!

U64 back online, state of the site and suggestions!

As you can see, after months of problems and downtime, Unseen 64 is finally back online, with a new (lighter / faster / responsive) template and a lot of changes, even if some of these are not visible to most of you. The old database was too big and heavy, we had to clear it, to remove the forum (that almost no-one used anyway), to remove hundreds and hundreds of users accounts (if you wrote an article with your old account and now your name vanished, let us know so we can add you back as the authro!), uninstall many heavy (and not-so-useful) plugins, to add a new security system (so don’t try to log in the current site with your old U64 account, as you could get banned if the username does not exist anymore) and many (?) more.

What is still missing and what we would like to do:

  • Find a new form to add user-created articles (the old “wiki-alike” system was too complex and heavy for the server, almost no-one used it but spammers, so it was a long work for us to clean spam and bad, really bad-written articles)

  • Find a decent Advertising network to add a few banners to be able to pay the server cost for 2015 (for this year we are ok, but for the next year our current and optimized provider asks about 280$ a year, this site needs a lot of resources). If you have any suggestions, please leave a message below! We had Google Adsense in the past, but they banned us because we often talk about leaked prototypes and rom-hacks

  • Try to archive at least 1 new game (beta or cancelled) every month

  • Clean and improve current articles (as far as i can, i’m italian so probably my engrish will never be much better than this)

  • There are still HUNDREDS of emails and messages that we need to reply to, i don’t know when i’ll have the time to reply, but i’ll try to do it :P

Unseen 64 will still be limited to beta and cancelled games up to the seventh generation of video game consoles (AKA Xbox 360, Wii and PS3) for the complex reasons that you can read in this post. I already have some GBs of screens / videos / info about beta / unreleased games (from before the current gen of consoles) that are still not in the U64 archive (or elsewhere?), so there will be a lot of work to do and many years of potential updates.

Any suggestion, comment, compliment or insult are always welcome ;P At the moment comments are moderated, you need 1 approved comment before the next comments will be published automatically (again, even with spam-filters we had too many spam-comments on the site).

What do you think about this unseen game? Give your vote!

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6 thoughts on “U64 back online, state of the site and suggestions!

    1. monokoma Post author

      originally U64 was only in italian, but as we had many international visitors that wanted to know what we were writing, we decided to write everything in english, so more people can enjoy this archive :)

  1. Farel The Gecko

    For one thing, I wish to say that I would most care about the old forum being back, or at least the chance to contact 1 user about 1 game he once mentioned, whom I’ve been hunting for the past year. So I just humbly ask not to wipe clean the forum yet, as I would love to contact one of the users….

    As for general tips to keep the site alive… I
    -Google provides advertisements which should bring in some money. I don’t know how to get them or how well they pay, but I’m pretty sure it could benefit you guys
    -an option to make donations should possibly help a bit
    -monetisation of YouTube videos that you guys have
    -Patreon, where users could give you small monthly donations for support.
    -Let people requests topics for you guys to cover, if they give you money
    -allow users to place their own advertisements on the site for money

    Once you guys would find a way to turn views into money, I could potentially advertise you on my YouTube channel perhaps!

    1. monokoma Post author

      I don’t know if the old forum il still working, do you have the link? is it online? :O If not, let me know the name of the user and we can publish a post about him to U64 to ask about the game :D
      Google advertisements was the one that we used some time ago, but as i wrote we got banned from them, because we talk about prototypes ROMs and ROM hacks :( maybe we could try again with a new account, but before we should “clean” the site from direct link to those “roms”…
      You can already make donations to U64! There’s a donation form in the footer of the site and in the “how to help” page :D i will create a better “fundraising” campaign in the following weeks.
      i think that we canno get monetisation of YouTube videos, because they are not “original content made from us”.
      Patreon is interesting, i’ll check it :O

  2. Spirit

    I’d suggest running a focused donation run. It worked fantastically on my site. A passive donation button won’t attract any attention, I never got anything that way.

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