Pokemon Battle Revolution [Beta – Wii]

Pokemon Battle Revolution [Beta – Wii]

Pokemon Battle Revolution was first announced by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata at a Nintendo marketing event in Japan on June 2006 and it was released in 2007 after Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Below you can see the original trailer that contains a lot of beta stuff: it seems that it still used the same engine from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (GameCube) and there are some unused / early 3d models.


As you can see in the middle the HUD is the same from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and battles are from Pokemon Red and Green.. maybe they even planned a connection with the gameboy advance games. Rumors say that Pokemon Battle Revolution originaly was started in 2006 after Gale of Darkness was finished, but it was later postponed to be a title for the new console.

Post by Arshes91

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4 thoughts on “Pokemon Battle Revolution [Beta – Wii]

  1. Arshes91

    Hi There again, is my second post ive finaly make myself a coments of this game i realy hope you like or dislike enjoy

  2. Mpnagem89

    I want Pokemon Battle Revolution 2 on the Wii U.
    With the following stuff
    -Compatibility with not only Pokemon Black, White, Black 2 and White 2, but also Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, and Soulsilver.
    -Bring back Gym Leader Castle and have a difficulty setting
    -Better character customization
    -More cups
    -Bring back Mystery Gift
    -DLC that can be transferred to your game
    -Minigames (I guess)
    -Online trading

  3. NintendoPSX

    The leaving permanent marks in the background and damage from powerful moves(Groudon using Hyper Beam on Deoxys) was never in the final version.

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