The unseen games of next-gen? Not on U64

The unseen games of next-gen? Not on U64

Unseen 64 was born in 2001, from the passion of some italian friends that after some years looking at Nintendo 64 games that never came out or that were released with many differences from the beta version, decided to make an archive about them. We were young and with a lot of free time, it was just for fun that we kept working on U64 until it became the huge archive that you see today.Sadly we are not young anymore: we have families, full-time jobs, bills to pay and other real-life commitments that keep us busy 24/7. We don’t have so much free time anymore to write about unseen games. If we find some free time for our lovely videogames, we prefer to play them, than to write about the ones that we’ll never be able to play! From a couple of years we have already slowed-down the updates for Unseen 64 and there are still hundreds, HUNDREDS of emails, comments, contributions that we were not able to read yet. Also, to keep online our archive there are lots of other technical-related works to do, bugs to fix, servers to keep safe, plugins to update.

The current situation of videogames is much more complex than what we tried to follow in the early 2000: there are games for consoles, there are games for handhelds, there are games for PCs, there are games for smarthphones and there are hundreds of new indie-games announced every day. It’s basically impossible to keep up with so many interesting videogames that could be cancelled or that could be released with many changes from their beta versions.

This is why we decided that Unseen 64 will not cover new games for next-gen consoles (PS4, XBONE, Wii U) and not even “current gen” handleds as the 3DS or PSVita. We would not be able to do a good work when we are already in trouble to cover all the most interesting beta and cancelled games for the “retro” consoles. So Unseen 64 will slowly became a “more static” archive of Retro-Unseen-Games.

Today is much more easy to create a “website” using something like wikis, wordpress, tumblr, blogger and similar free tools so we hope that there will be some young gamers with more free time than us, that will decide to create their “Unseen Next-Gen Games Archive” for all the future beta and cancelled games.

U64 will not be closed. We’ll still keep Unseen 64 updated as much as we can and we’ll try to ready all the contributions that you will send to us, but we don’t know when we’ll be able to reply and to add them. For quick news about beta and cancelled games, we’ll probably share them on Twitter or Facebook, so follow us!

Let us know what you think about this and thanks a lot for you support in all these years! :D

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8 thoughts on “The unseen games of next-gen? Not on U64

  1. Zion

    I registered on this website ONLY to comment on this “article” you have here. I like this site, but to say you’re so busy and can’t be bothered to update for newer games and what not is a joke! Most of the articles here are shorter than a gnats dick, and the text and picture are blatantly copied from sites like Wikipedia or some other gaming website. There is almost 0% of actual original content on this site, which is why I say that taking time to upload “articles” is complete nonsense. You don’t have time to rip off other people? What a joke.

    Also, there are many spelling errors in this “article” which is how you can usually tell when you’ve actually taken the time to type something yourselves instead of doing a quick copy and paste job and trying to fool people into thinking you’ve done something original. This is the absolute LAST time I will be visiting this place because I can’t stand the audacity of you wannabe editors. To all the fans who will remain here, you truly do not know any better.

  2. monokoma Post author

    Hi Zion! No problem, it’s your opinion and it’s ok for us :) The main U64 team is italian, that’ why our English sucks. I cannot speak for the other 2 people that write for U64 but i get up every morning at 6 AM to go to work and i came back home only after 8 PM, then i still have to take a shower, prepare dinner and have some time with my family and friends. As the next day i have to get up at 6AM again, as you can understand i also need to sleep a bit to be able to work :P I don’t know if i’m able to explain how much the life of an adult can be busy, but i hope that one day you could understand.

  3. Celine

    I am not sure an occasional reader can understand the amount of effort sometime it takes to unearth just a single screenshot or small article from an ancient magazine forgotten by God (but not by a small group of really awesome volunteers whose goal is to preserve those wonderful pieces of paper) that alone proves the existence of a game project.
    It would be cool to try to investigate deeper for every unreleased games by contacting the original developers (although only few respond back) but that would be a pretty unfeasible task for a site like Unseen 64 simply because to this day U64 is still the biggest archive for unreleased games on the net and trying to cover them all in deep (we are talking about a few thousands beta/cancelled games) is just impossible.
    As for Wikipedia I’m sure a few article on unreleased games actually source back to Unseen64 for content (images, videos etc.).
    To tell you the truth while new articles published on here are surely welcomed, I would be more concerned about the preservation of the existing huge catalog of articles and related images/videos.
    Sometime it is taken for granted, something that isn’t.

    Back up the database Mono.

    1. monokoma Post author

      MAI makes weekly backups of the site and database, so we should we safe for that :D If in the future we’ll have to close U64 (before we die?) we could always release a torrent with all the files / screens / videos / etc

  4. MikamiFan92

    To be honest, I just knew we would come to this eventually. For the time I’ve been coming to this site I’ve occasionally thought to myself “I wonder how the owners of this site keep it going”, it’s especially impressive seeing as though you don’t even use ads as revenue (thumbs up for that :D).

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that, if you at some stage are not able to tend to this site any longer, I completely understand.

    I just wanted to say thanks for the hard work and dedication! I’m sure most of us here at Unseen64 appreciate it. :D

  5. Tylar Robideau

    I love this site and as a working father I totally understand where you’re coming from. Do what you do, just don’t take down whats here! :D

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