Converse Hardcore Hoops [Cancelled]

Converse Hardcore Hoops [Cancelled]

Converse Hardcore Hoops  (also know as Converse City Ball Tour) is a cancelled basketball game that was in development by Virgin Interactive Entertainment for the Genesis / Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, Playstation and Saturn. It was based on street basketball and there were 10 cities in which to play in 3vs3 half court matches. Converse Hardcore Hoops was shown at E3 1995 but after a while it vanished from release lists and it was never released on any console.

It’s unknown if the project was somehow connected to the Converse brand of shoes or  why the game was cancelled. Celine was able to find some screens from magazines GamePro #72 and CD Consoles #8.


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5 thoughts on “Converse Hardcore Hoops [Cancelled]

  1. Paul walker

    My name is Paul Walker and I wrote the game design with Ken Balthaser for the original “Hardcore Hoops”. I worked there in 93-94 and left when Viacom and Spelling bought us out. I have all the original doc’s and character development.

  2. Ross Sillifant

    From EDGE Xmas’96 interview with Chris Yates (and Neil Young):

    CY: ‘….In the case of Hoops (the basketball title) i think that was a poor concept from the start.It’s healither to cut them loose than drag on with something you know won’t work in the end.It costs a lot-these are multi-million dollar decisions-but they have to made.The company (Busk, Virgin Inks internal is a lot better for it.

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