Kyouryuu Ouji Don [SNES – Cancelled]

George S has sent to us these scan from an unknow Taito SNES Game, that could have been unreleased.. we have tried to find more info on it, but no luck yet! If you know something about this, please let us know! “This scan is from an old EGM mag. The page was about upcoming SNES games. Iv tried serching for any info on it but could not fined anything.” – George

Ultraman has translated the japanese text in the first image! It says:

ENG: “Lately, it looks like that the boat that links Hanabii’s Island and Hyuu’s Island has been eaten by a giant shark in this sea”

ITA: “Di recente, sembra che la nave che collega l’isola Hanabii e l’isola Hyuu sia stata inghottita da uno squalo gigante in queste acque”

Update: thanks to Celine, that has sent to us a new scan for this game, we now know that its name was “Don”. With some more researches about Taito and Don through google, we cant still find any information about its existence, so we can speculate that it was really cancelled!

Thanks to Celine and George S for the contribution!



Time Diver: Eon Man [NES – Cancelled]

Time Diver: Eon Man is a cancelled beat ’em up developed by A.I for Taito for the NES. The game was finished, receiving a four-page strategy guide and review in issue 45 (February ’93) of Nintendo Power. Despite this, the game eventually disappeared from the Pak Watch section and was silently canceled.

According to game designer Shouichi Yoshikawa, the game was originally being developed as a sequel to Wrath of the Black Manta before being retooled.

Time Diver had 5 levels set at various points in time. These include the opening level Peaceful 1993, the Wild West, 1882, Devastated 2052, Devastated 1993, and a Peaceful Utopia version of 2052. An unusual feature (for the time) was that, with the exception of the first level, the stage order is randomized; allowing for some variation when playing through the game multiple times. [Info from Wikipedia]

A playable ROM of Time Diver was somehow leaked online and you should be able to find it easily with google. You can read more info about the project in this article by Lost Levels’ Frank Cifaldi!




Hit the Ice [NES – Unreleased]

Hit the Ice is a cancelled Taito NES port of the popular 1990 arcade hockey game of the same name. Unlike the completed SNES home console port of Hit the Ice, the cancelled NES version centers around a “Quest Mode” with RPG elements. Much like the Dragon Warrior series, the player walks around an overworld map, exploring houses and stadiums and facing random encounters with rival hockey teams which provide experience and gold.

Shops sell P Drinks, which provide a temporary speed and power boost; hamburgers, which provide experience; and apples, which can be given to an old man somewhere on the world map in exchange for an inner tube, which allows the player to cross bodies of water safely.

Though there is a working prototype with a completable Quest Mode, the game’s RPG elements are very low on content and game balance. As the SNES came out and interest in the NES waned, Taito abandoned this experimental hockey RPG to focus on 16-bit development, without a Quest Mode.

For more info, Frank Cifaldi has a short feature on Hit the Ice here at LostLevels.org where you can also find Hit The Ice’s prototype rom.

Article written by Nate Edwards

Thanks a lot to NES World for these screenshots!