Kyouryuu Ouji Don [SNES – Cancelled]

Kyouryuu Ouji Don [SNES – Cancelled]

George S has sent to us these scan from an unknow Taito SNES Game, that could have been unreleased.. we have tried to find more info on it, but no luck yet! If you know something about this, please let us know! “This scan is from an old EGM mag. The page was about upcoming SNES games. Iv tried serching for any info on it but could not fined anything.” – George

Ultraman has translated the japanese text in the first image! It says:

ENG: “Lately, it looks like that the boat that links Hanabii’s Island and Hyuu’s Island has been eaten by a giant shark in this sea”

ITA: “Di recente, sembra che la nave che collega l’isola Hanabii e l’isola Hyuu sia stata inghottita da uno squalo gigante in queste acque”

Update: thanks to Celine, that has sent to us a new scan for this game, we now know that its name was “Don”. With some more researches about Taito and Don through google, we cant still find any information about its existence, so we can speculate that it was really cancelled!

Thanks to Celine and George S for the contribution!


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6 thoughts on “Kyouryuu Ouji Don [SNES – Cancelled]

  1. Fargusno Takarajima

    I’m planning to (hopefully), revive this game’s idea into a new indie game made by Indonesian developers. It would be featuring a Gorgosaurus and a Utahraptor who saves an island inhabited by dinosaurs from an evil reptilian alien and his army of mutants

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