shoot ’em up

Arcadia VI [NES – Cancelled]

Arcadia VI is an unfinished multi-cart that was intended to be released on the NES with 6 games. The only know proto, currently owned by BeaglePuss and MrMark0673, only has 4 games. Of the 4 games, only one game (Tennis) has been completed. The 4 games on the cart are:

  • Tennis
  • Xerxes
  • Ghurka
  • Twin Cam Turbo

The first game is an interesting pseudo-clone of pong. It supports up to 2 players and the single player mode has 4 difficulty levels. The players compete in a pong like game, but are allowed to move in all directions as opposed to just up and down. There are 2 “Arcadia Men” located on the screen which make faces depending on how well a player is doing. The game is scored in the same way as Tennis, the first player to win the match is the victor.

The second game, Xerxes, is a vertical space shooter. This game is incomplete, but is playable ina demo form. There is not music (although there are sound effects), some enemies can be shot while others cannot, you can be damaged but not destroyed, there are a few power ups, and the only level is on a continuous loop.

The third game, Ghurka, is an unfinished Commando clone. Again, there is no music, but there are sound effects. You cannot be damaged by enemy fire, but you can destroy most of the bad guys. You have a limited number of bullets (the amount is unknown to the player) but an infinite number of grenades. The “game” ends when you reach an unpassable bridge.

The final game, Twin Cam Turbo, is a top down Spy Hunter like racer. There are various power ups and obsticles to avoid, but no enemies and the one and only playable level is on a very short loop. Of all the games available, this is the least compelte.

Thanks a lot to Mr Mark for the contribution!


Ricochet Rick [XBOX / GC – Cancelled]

Ricochet Rick is a 3D  shoot ’em up that was in development at Titus Interactive for the GameCube and XBOX in 2001. We dont know how much it was done before the cancellation as the only screens available are a bunch of concept renders: probably the project was canned in early development, when Titus went bankrupt in the same year.

Thanks to Vincent for the contribution!


Loadstar II (2) [Mega CD – Cancelled]

Loadstar II: Showdown on Phobos  is a science-fiction action game for the Mega / Sega CD, that was in development in 1995 by Rocket Science Games, but then cancelled for some reasons. As Tim Stoddard has commented “chances are that this was cancelled because Rocket Science Games decided to move away from the FMV game genre (their reason for scrapping Wing Nuts) and since the system was almost dead in late 1995”. Loadstar II would have became the sequel of Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine, released in America in 1994.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!