World in Conflict [X360/PS3/PC – Beta]

World in Conflict was developed and released in 2007 by Massive Entertainment. They showed lots of trailers before the final release, and one of them shows some things that are different in the final game:

The first thing that we can notice is that the interface is different: instead of being grayish as in the final version, we see a more reddish interface, some could even call it “futuristic”. The “buy” interface has a function left out in the final game: when you click one of the units, it shows it in 3D in a window in the bottom right corner. 

Megaman Starforce [Beta / Unused – DS]

Granville has wrote an interesting topic in the U64 Forum, in which he showed us some misterious textures that seems to have been found by The Spriters Resource in the Megaman Starforce code. In these textures we can recognize various 3D models from the Megaman Battle Network series!

The problem is that there was no 3D MMBN for the DS and MMBN5 DS was just a compilation port of both GBA versions of Battle Network 5. It was pretty much identical to the GBA as it had the same 2D graphics apart from a couple of models. There were a total of 3 3D models in MMBN5 DS- Megaman, Protoman, and Colonel. The Megaman model that was found in MM Starforce could be from BN5, but that’s about it. Hidden in the MMSF code there’s Lan, some kid, a town, Lan’s room, and some net areas all in 3D and can’t be found anywhere in BN5DS.

As Granville has wrote, it could be possible that Capcom used “MMBN5’s engine as a base for Starforce at first. Likely they intended Starforce to be a true Battle Network 7 originally, but then they modded the game so much that it became its own series.” If this is trye, then these Battle Network 3D models could be the only remains from the original Starforce prototype.

You can read more info about these unused models at Mega Rock Blog!

Here are some beta images from MHFsilver, used in promotional videos and articles:

These images show a wide difference between the beta and final version. Some images include their beta version compared to their final version. For more information, you can check the Rockman EXE Zone Forum!

Thanks a lot to Granville, MegaRockReborn, tgarciao and MHFsilver for the contributions and huge props to MegaRockEXE for the find!




Return Fire 3 [PS2 – Cancelled]

The original Return Fire is a 1995 video game developed by Silent Software, Inc. for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer and later ported to Windows personal computers, PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1996. It was preceded by Fire Power (1987) and followed by Return Fire 2 (1998). The game is a vehicular shooter  in which the player’s goal is to capture the enemy flag and return with it to their base. [Infos from Wikipedia]

It seems that a third chapter was in development at Infogrames / Atari for the Playstation 2, but it was later cancelled for unknow reasons and only few concepts / 3D models remain from the project.

Thanks to Hey Hey for the contribution!


Cannon Fodder 3D [PS2 – Cancelled]

Cannon Fodder 3D is a cancelled action game that was in development for the Playstation 2. After selling Sensible Software to Codemasters, Jon Hare ended up consulting on many of their development projects. One of which was the PS2 title Prince Naseem Boxing. Work on this title was performed in a satellite studio based in Hammersmith, London. However due to the commercial failure of this title, the studio was shut down.

A casualty of this was cancellation of a 3D update of Cannon Fodder, something that Hare had been working on for at least nine months. Hare did speak about how he was looking to expand on the whole theme of war and include gameplay not just set on the battlefield: “I’d like to focus on the public’s perceptions of war and warfare. There’s many interesting things that go on behind the scenes with politicians”.

In an interview with Eurogamer in late 2005, Jon confirmed that there was up to two years’ work (on and off) put into a 3D update of Cannon Fodder: “I designed Cannon Fodder 3 with Codies six years ago, development stopped and started three times and eventually it was seemingly permanently halted when the London studio was closed four years ago.” He then went on to add: “Nothing would please me more than to see this project resurrected, it was very advanced in its structure and therefore would need little modernisation.”

Thanks to News for the description!