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Resident Evil Portable [PSP – Cancelled?]

Resident Evil Portable was announced by Capcom at E3 2009 for Sony’s PSP and was going to be slated for release sometime in 2010.

“Were pleased to announce that resident evil will be coming to PSP and a whole new game designed specifically for the PSP platform.”

After E3 2009 no new information was released; however at E3 2010 Capcom announced Resident Evil Revelations for Nintendo’s 3DS. During E3 2010, Resident Evil portable wasn’t mentioned or shown during the event.

After E3 2010, theories were made that Resident evil portable was probably cancelled and my have  evolved into Resident Evil Revelations. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, however I’d like to point out that resident evil Portable hasn’t been officially cancelled, but Capcom seems to be more concentrated on promoting and developing resident evil Revelations.

There are no screenshots of Resident Evil Portable and no official information as to what the game was going to be about.



Resident Evil Zero 0 [GC – Beta]

Resident Evil 0 is the prequel of the first Resident Evil. It was originally developed by Capcom for the Nintendo 64, but at the end it was ported and released on the Gamecube. In October 2009, Tyrant of discovered many beta backgrounds and some removed items in the trial disc of the game.

Also, Trebla Yevrah noticed other unused items in the japanese trial version:

If one has the proper tools available, they can view many unused and early versions of items in the Japanese demo of Resident Evil 0. Using GCNrd, I modified the item slots and browsed through the values. As one would expect, most of the items that can be uncovered cannot be obtained ordinarily in the demo, but the majority of them are found in the finished product.

An unused hand grenade is present in both the trial and the final version of RE0. I was curious to see the state of this item in this early version of the game, but although the model and icon are still present, it cannot be equipped (like the released game). Actually, almost all weapons are unusable in the trial if you hack them into your inventory. The only ones operational are the handguns, knife, and hunting gun. The only exception, or at least, the only other equip that won’t freeze the game, is the shotgun. Your characters can hold it, but the weapon model itself is unfinished with no textures to speak of, and it cannot be fired.

Almost every item that can be examined has a slightly different texture when compared to the final game. One prime example is the key card used to operate the brakes on the train. I have tried using some of the key items in their proper place on the train, but they either don’t work, or freeze the game. For example, the hook shot can’t be used in the window that normally leads to the roof.




Resident Evil Outbreak [PS2 – Beta]

Even if Capcom had already planned an online version of Resident Evil in 2000, Outbreak (aka Network Biohazard) was officially announced only at E3 2002. This beta version was much more ambitious than the game that we got in the end: originally there were about 20 playable scenarios, some of which were completely removed, notably a Dock stage and The Raccoon City Hotel, while others later appeared in Outbreak File 2, like “Flashback”, the episode located in the forest.

Of course, more levels meant more characters, and unfortunately they had to renounce to include personalities such as little girl with a gun (!), some UBCS members, the fan-favorite Hunk, a policewoman, and on so on. Their polygonal models are still inside the two outbreak games, and it is possible to access them using Gameshark codes.

Another feature prominent in the original trailer was a four player split-screen mode, probably dropped for technical reasons. At the end, Capcom decided to divide Resident Evil Online in two different games: Outbreak and Outbreak File 2. A File 3 was supposed to follow shortly, but Capcom never bothered with the series again.

Here we can also find the videos of the beta versions of the characters endings.

Thanks a lot to daisu1 for some of these images!

Beta Scenarios


The removed dock level.


This removed level was located in the Raccoon City Hotel.


The forest level that later became the “Flashback” scenario in Outbreak File 2.


This is the location of the Raccoon Hospital from Resident Evil 3. We don’t know if it was supposed to be a separate scenario.


This sewer was later included in the “Underbelly” scenario of File “2.

Beta Characters








Four Players Split-screen





Resident Evil 2 Trial [PSX – Beta]

Resident evil 2 Trial was a demo of Resident Evil 2 included in Resident Evil Director’s Cut. After dropping Resident Evil 1.5, Capcom made a first version of Resident Evil 2, now called Beta 1, that was remarkably different from the released version and with more leftovers from RE 1.5. Unfortunately we don’t know much about this beta, but the trial should document a build between the beta 1 and the less interesting (and leaked) beta 2. In the screenshots and the video in this page we can see some beta items, the unfinished rooms of the RPD station and a few layout changes.


A removed ventilation shaft. It is likely that it was used by Sherry, because there was no hole in the RPD room corridor in the trial.


This screenshot is from the removed last cutscene from the demo. In the final game, we encounter Ada much later. It is likely that at this point of the development the story wasn’t finalized yet,  and the various encounters with the support and the playable characters were different.



A removed reference to a switch that was supposed to open the card lock of the evidence room.

For more informations check our article about Resident Evil 2 Backgrounds

Thanks to Helegad, Pickyeater, KEK8 and Dark Biohazard of the THIA Forum for some of the pics! Thanks to OKei for the “unused voices” video!




Resident Evil 3 [PSX – Beta]

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, released in Japan as Biohazard 3: Last Escape,  is a survival horror developed and published by Capcom for the original Playstation. RE 3 had a much quieter development than Resident Evil 2, but we can still find a few unseens in the game, like some beta items and a room that was never used in the final game.

Thanks to Helegad & Max for the contributions!

Resiyoyoyo From the Resident Evil 1 2 3 Modding Forum Also Found Out what the chain item could have been in place of here is a quote :

Oh, about the chain: this was used as a replacement for the fire hose (item ID 35) [which in earlier versions was still seperated from the metal cylinder (item ID 3E)] so Jill could obtain exactly that 35 hose part that was installed inside the red box above the stairs (which in the retail versions is empty from the beginning, because there’s only the full hose item 3F). You can look at the pictures (here) it’s BH_3_0096 – BH_3_101 as well as BH_3_0016 – BH_3_0018. IIRC, the chain had to be put there as a substitute because whenever you took the hose the stairs would go up and thus hinder you to get down and away with your hose trophy. That puzzle could be played for example on the E3 presentation of an early Resident Evil 3 build in 1999, if my memory serves me right. Thought I had this in my RE3_HEX_FAQ, but couldn’t find it there, must be one of the things I wanted to add a long time ago.

LeonSK a very kind person came at the Resident Evil modding Forum and provided us with

a link to the RE3 Promo Disc Here is a quote :

Here [PS1] Biohazard 3 Last Escape [J] [Promo From Russia with Love ;)

as it seems this Promo Disc has all the left over pics and maps …. Now we no longer need these water marked pics !

Source :

Tyrant of found many interesting beta leftovers in a promotional disk of Resident Evil 3:

Beta Maps




Beta Intro


openingbh3beta (5)

openingbh3beta (2)

Beta Epilogue




See the gallery for more images.