Psy-Phi [Arcade – Unreleased]

Psy-Phi is an unreleased arcade action-shooting game based on Sega’s Lindbergh hardware, that was designed by Yu Suzuki and incorporated a 29″ touch-screen display for gameplay. In Psy-Phi players hovered in the air and competed against the CPU or another human with attacks by trailing a path or inputting special symbols on the touch screen.

The original release was planned for spring 2006, but the arcade units were called back in March 06 (the units were still in shipping and had yet to reach arcades) and so Psy-Phi vanished forever.  Some units were previewed at trade shows, as well as some arcades receiving units for beta tests (most notably Gameworks). It’s currently unknown why Sega decided to not release this project. [Info from Wikipedia]

Thanks to Kieranmay for the contribution!




Street Fighter 1 [Arcade – Beta / Proto]

The original Street Fighter made its debut in the arcades in 1987. It was designed by Capcom’s Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Matsumoto. The player took control of martial artist Ryu, who competed in a worldwide martial arts tournament, spanning five countries and ten opponents. [Info from Wikipedia]

Street Fighter 1 went through some changes between the prototype and the final, some of the more notable changes is the main character Ryu’s victory pose has changed from prototype to final, some of the characters not programed into the game, and no voices for the game. Below is a list of noticeable changes, with the help of  Torentsu who was kind enough to do a little digging into the coding, so please if you see him on the U64 Forums, please give him a pat on the back.

The prototype version:

* No Demo Mode, goes to high score table and then back to the title screen
* There are different colors used in the high score table.
* Title Screen animation is different
* Is buggy
* No voice samples.
* Characters share stage music.
* Ryu’s victory pose is different.
* Every sound effect is different from the final.
* Different intro/outro music.
* Instead of best 2 out of 3, you must win a best 3 out of 6
* There is a typo on the victory screen, “Rut Don’t Forget…” instead of  “But Don’t Forget…”.
* There’s no level select, it just goes down a list of fighters.
* The Hurricane Kick isn’t in the game.
* The Build Date is earlier than the final, possibly a demo version of the game
* Enemies are missing from the beta, but the stage maps are there, and there are some differences between the beta and final.

Below is a video comparing gameplay from the prototype build to the final, note some of the changes are shown. If you have any information about this prototype, let us know in the comments.



Dimm and Witt [PSX – Cancelled]

Dimm and Witt is a cancelled game that was in development in 1995 by PF Magic (creators of Ballz and the Petz series) for the original Playstation. The project was never released and we dont even know much about its gameplay: seeing their past works and the only screenshot preserved, it could have been a fighting game or a sidescroller action game.

If you worked on Dimm and Witt and have more screens / info on the project, please let us know!



Gundam Battle Assault 2 [PSX – Beta / Unused]

Gundam Battle Assault 2 for the PSX, is, disregarding it’s name, the third gundam fighting game for the system to be made, (Gundam the Battle Master, Gundam Battle Assault, Gundam Battle Assault 2) and was released on July 17th, of 2002, late in the life of the PSX system. Being the third in the series, it has four characters leftover from previous games. These are the four that were left out:

Hamma Hamma
Zeta Gundam (not to be confused with the Double Zeta, which is a normal character)

Aside from a few glitchy moves, and the fact you need Gameshark codes to use these characters, they are fully playable in the Vs. modes. Oh, and yes, it shows the pilots that are in the suits, (they’re turned off in the below video) but the only one that’s acurate, is The-O, with Paptimus Scirocco. The other three pilots are either wrong, or display somewhat glitchy.

Fight 1: Hamma Hamma vs. Epyon
Fight 2: Qubeley vs. Psyco Gundam Mk III
Fight 3: The-O vs. Tallgeese III
Fight 4: Zeta Gundam vs. Hydra Gundam

Video: Gundam Battle Assault 2 Gameshark Characters 

A.I. The Circuit [XBOX – Cancelled]

A.I. The Circuit (aka A.I. Gladiator) is a cancelled fighting game that was in development by Radical Entertainment for the original Xbox. In May 2001 Microsoft signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Warner Bros to publish games based on Steven Spielberg’s movie “A.I.: Artificial Intelligence”. Three A.I. games were planned but in the end they were all cancelled: A.I. The Circuit, A.I. Guardian and A.I. Chaser.

In december 2009, Borman from Superior Version found a playable prototype of A.I. The Circuit on an Alpha Xbox 1 Development Kit. This project was the last A.I. game  to be identified and thanks to Borman we are able to preserve many screens and videos from the proto! For more info and media, check Superior Version