Daidaros [PSX – Cancelled? No, released on the Saturn!]

Daidaros [PSX – Cancelled? No, released on the Saturn!]

Update: thanks to Yakumo we found out that this game was released as Deadalus in Japan (in Europe and the States as “Robotica”) for the Sega Saturn! As he noted, probably the magazine did a poor translation of the katakana and came up with “Daidaros”. The game was by Micronet who only ever made Sega games, so it’s possible that the news about a Playstation version was just another mistake.

Thanks to linlhutz for the contribution!

Original news:

It seems that a mech game titled “Daidaros” was in development for the Playsation, but as far as we know, it was never released. Celine found a screen of the game in CD Console magazine issue 3, but sadly there are no info about Daidaros’ developers in their article, so we cant check if this project could have been released under a different name. If you recognize the mech in the scan, please let us know!


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7 thoughts on “Daidaros [PSX – Cancelled? No, released on the Saturn!]

  1. Yakumo

    Don’t worry. Magazine journalist back in the 90’s always made mistakes. Basically they’d get the latest Japanese magazines then copy the information. Funny thing is that most of them couldn’t read any Japanese which explains the poor translation of Deadalus as Daidaros (^o^).

  2. Celine

    Eh, I know it was ironic :-)
    Think that happened to me to read a small snippet on a italian magazine where the journalist lost the name of the game they had the screenshots to show.
    Luckily later I discovered that it was Metamor Kid Goomin.

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