A new Zelda 64 Beta Restoration Project

A new Zelda 64 Beta Restoration Project

After the original Zelda 64 Beta Restoration Project vanished into different internal issues in Team Beta Triforce, another team called “Forbidden Legends” is going to try to develop a mod / hack for Ocarina Of Time, in which to play some of the beta content that we all saw in the early screenshots and videos.

Here’s their description of this new OoT Beta Restoration:

We started when people started getting tired of being in the old TBT. They wanted to start a team of their own. A continuation of the old Beta Restoration Project really, but done differently. We allow anyone to work on it. It’s also not strictly beta; we will throw in many things not beta-related, beta is just a theme mostly. We do all of our work in #z64sanctuary on irc.shoutwiki.com, no forums.

About the game, it starts out in Link’s Uncle’s house. His uncle has to leave to the castle. Soon Link leaves the house and is now in Castle Town. After going to the castle, the rest of the journey sets out, which isn’t public yet.

Team Members:

  • SirTopHat (webmaster/programmer/ modeller)
  • Flotonic (modder/modeller)
  • Twilight14 (hacker/modder/modeller/programmer)
  • Mikeunt (modeller)
  • CDi-Fails (story/website design)
  • Deathnight114 (music)
  • Dark-Link77 (hacking/modding)
  • spinout (best hacker/modder/programmer)

You can also find some more info at http://forbidden.legend-zone.com

We wish them good luck!


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70 thoughts on “A new Zelda 64 Beta Restoration Project

  1. FungiGamer

    I was wondering what happened to TBT when I went away, hope everything turns out right this time around!

  2. Eggt0n23

    Yeah, TBTs restoration and FLs restoration are merely diffrent(though some members have some work of the former TBT).


    Beside that this team is nothing more then a bunch of thieves building off work from others that did not give them permission to use for starters. Their nothing more then a joke in hacking, their team couldn’t hack their way outside of a paper bag. spinout is not on their team which he has stated himself, nor is DL77, he has given them advice/helped them out with problems, he’s not a team member though. Furthermore none of the other team members can’t hack except flotonic, the rest don’t really know the first thing about it. Also stating more real facts, all of them are using tools that use cmd prompt input, apparently that is “hacking” to them.


    @unseen64 staff – Do you just let any nooby have a project entry on here that wants to play beta with no “real” talent? Seriously if you think those screenshots look good, please burn out your retinas.

    1. monokoma

      @REAL_HACKER: naa, we just report news about the “unseen beta world”, it’s our “work”: it does not matter if the project will be finished or not, it’s a news! :)

  4. deathnight114

    First of all, we aren’t doing any of this in CMD, wish spinouts tools, and sirtophat, twilight14, AND flotonic are all excellent hackers. most of this is actually being done in hex i believe.
    There would be no way for us to complete this, if we only used spinouts tools.

  5. SirTopHat

    Thieves, eh? I remember ZM90 saying somewhere that all the old material was free for somebody to use on another project. I’m pretty sure we said on the site that we were using the old TBT’s work, so it’s not like we didn’t credit them. And a good number of us were members of that old TBT, so a lot of it is work we made ourselves in the first place, anyway, and I highly doubt anybody is going to care if their work is being used.

  6. SuperNormalMan

    Well, whoever’s working on this, I hope it gets finished soon! I want to play as link without stretch pants! :P

  7. Octorok_17

    @ SuperNormalMan: Hmmm…..i remember something about a beta Link restoration they’re doing for the BRP :) I don’t know though :s

  8. SirTopHat

    Ok, I think I can say we’re most likely not making an entire game with a story and everything, we just restore bits of beta when we can.

  9. spinout

    I’m not part of anybody’s team, I’m independent, and I will help anybody whom I think deserves it when I have the opportunity to. I have helped this project in one way or another, but I am not a team member.

  10. CDi-Fails

    Ergl Smergle…lol I’m laughing at your name already…but seriously the point is to let people see what OoT would have been like if the beta/proto was released

  11. ergl smergl

    And as Ive said before: pointless. Its based off facts/rumors, not complete facts. This will depict the minds of the developers thought process of the facts, rather than be what it really is.

    Im sorry but am I the only one who realizes this will be nothing like Beta OoT?

  12. SirTopHat

    Of course it’s nothing like the Beta OoT, there was no “beta OoT” as a full game. The rumors and fake screenshots and etc. that have surrounded beta screenshots for all of those years are worth making a mod after, to me at least.

  13. Octorok_17

    It’s just that the mods purpose is to restore the original beta content for players to use and explore. Like the beta items and dungeons, for example. I know it’s kinda awkward to those who think diffrently because the BRP had its own problems in the past. But i always thought that this BRP the’re working on is kinda diffrent from TBT’s BRP :P

  14. CDi-Fails

    I apologize for SirTopHat being a total jerk and trying to take over this whole project by letting the site be linked to other sites like Wareya’s, so don’t let what he does bother you.

  15. CDi-Fails

    THIS PROJECT IS NOT GONNA BE FINISHED. Flotonic and I quit, it’s impossible, STH and Wareya don’t have the balls or knowledge to do it. Fuck it all it’s over

  16. Alucard

    its not impossible just because two people left doesn’t mean its over i still have hope. and everyone else should.

  17. Octorok_17

    1. Not enough Team Members with good talent(CDi-Fails and Flo were the only good ones).

    2.Because Flo quitted :P

  18. RagnarokZero

    Such a shame….I’ve been watching this project from the shadows for awhile…from my perspective this idea has both potential and merit. After all we all know that there would be plenty of rabid Zelda fans ready to take a crack at playing it. Making an exact beta restoration might be impossible, but the end result of such a project being even semi-successful in replicating things like the 3-D market, Beta Graveyard, ect would be well received. If only my hacking wasn’t so mediocre…..

  19. Alucard

    i so want this to come out too, i have been watching since the begining, and now the site went down so we are all f*cked.

  20. CDi-Fails

    Guys…you are aware we got most maps done? I can give them away if you want to play them, it’s just not fully done. We have half of Death Mountain, another part of it, Lake Hylia *no water*, the Graveyard with graves *no poes*, the Church *Sanctuary*, Castle Town *fully completed, with doors but they don’t go anywhere*, the bottom half of Hyrule Field *no exits*, the outside of Hyrule Castle *I actually made that myself after the team quit, and it’s only a map, not imported*, and that’s about it. I’ll upload them to my Uploadthis page soon

  21. BRP lover

    I just visited sirtophat’s forbidden legends site (forbidden.legends.com.ar) and i just want to say wow! It seems like they have alot of progress with the mod! So many maps….. O_o mmmmm time for some importing time. If u guys need help just ask for some; im positive alot of zelda hackers still wonder about this project :P hell i could help u, im alright with hex editing and other stuff if u wanted me to name them. And i got a completely awesome mod of my own that would blow alot of ppl away when i release info to the community ;) seriously u guys have done alot of work and it would be a shame to put it to waste…

  22. Jason777

    ^^ U could start your own mod team… And maybe (if you’re talented) we could see a beta mod of OoT :P

  23. NeatStuff4iTouch

    Just work together. Get organized and split jobs equally or giving jobs that correspond with others bes ability

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