Firewings (Oblivion) [Playstation – Cancelled]

Firewings (AKA Oblivion) is a cancelled shoot ’em up that was in early development by Domark Software around 1996, planned to be published by Eidos on the original Playstation. As far as we know the game was never officially announced by either of the two companies, but a couple of background graphics are saved below to remember the existence of this lost project. After just 3 months Eidos decided to cancel Firewings, due to lack of sales-figures from shoot ’em ups on the Playstation.


Timmy Time [Sega 32X – Cancelled]

Timmy Time is a cancelled platform game / shooter that was in development by Domark for the 32X add-on for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis (with a rumored Saturn conversion planned too). The main character was able to travel through time, so we can assume that the game had different levels based on various time-periods (as the old west and the space in the future). The game was canned for unknown reasons.

Some images of the project were found by Celine (scan from Supersonic magazine issue #25) and Ryo Suzuki (scan from Mean Machines Sega magazine issue #25).


Jon Ritman’s Soccerama [SNES – Unreleased]

Soccerama is a cancelled sport game that was in development by Domark for the Super Nintendo. The project was programmed by Jon Ritman, a software developer, notable for his work on major 1980s video games. It seems that Soccerama started as a soccer game for the arcades, but that version was never released and the game was later ported to the Nintendo 16bit console. Sadly, even the SNES version was cancelled, because of a bug.

A couple of screens of Soccerama SNES were found by Celine in Banzzai #27 and CD Consoles #4

At the Amstrad Museum we can read an interview with Jon Ritman, with some info on the development of Soccerama:

v: in the 80’s there was news about a proyect game called soccerama. did you make any preliminary version and what happened with that game?

r: soccerama was on an arcade machine than was never launched – the game was finished though but really not that different from matchday 2.

v: did you programmed soccerama for consoles systems? i’ve remembered a domark game named total soccer in which you appear as programmer.Is this correct? then, you programmed for snes, didn’t you?

r: soccerama was probably total soccer on the snes, there was a total soccer on the megadrive but I had nothing to do with it and it was a different game. i did program it but it was never released. There was a problem with a hard to find bug and Domark were unable to get me the equipment I needed to find it.