Timmy Time [Sega 32X – Cancelled]

Timmy Time [Sega 32X – Cancelled]

Timmy Time is a cancelled platform game / shooter that was in development by Domark for the 32X add-on for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis (with a rumored Saturn conversion planned too). The main character was able to travel through time, so we can assume that the game had different levels based on various time-periods (as the old west and the space in the future). The game was canned for unknown reasons.

Some images of the project were found by Celine (scan from Supersonic magazine issue #25) and Ryo Suzuki (scan from Mean Machines Sega magazine issue #25).


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2 thoughts on “Timmy Time [Sega 32X – Cancelled]

  1. Carl Williams

    Just wanted to drop in and say that we have many gaming magazines in multiple resolutions available at Out of Print Archive (Mean Machines Sega #25 is not yet available but we hope to get to it sooner than later).

    Tons of games covered in the pages. All of hte mags we release are legally freely available by the way.

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Recently been in contact with a new Ex Domark source, was trying to find some info on a certain canned Sega Mega CD title on your behalf.

    He’s busy, but already has been very open and talked of Domark putting artists on projects they begged to be taken off..

    Of never being told what formats their work would appear on, if games were actually released etc and as long as they were paid for their work, nobody really asked what happened to it.

    So getting further info might prove tricky :-))

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