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Twisted Metal Black 2: Harbor City [PS2 – Cancelled]

Twisted Metal: Black is the Playstation 2 chapter of a series of car combat games, created by Incog Inc. In 2003 TM: Black was to have a sequel titled Harbor City, though it was never officially announced and the project was later scrapped.

Details on the Twisted Metal Black 2: Harbor City were revealed in the PlayStation 2 port of Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition. It was originally planned the levels of Harbor City to be greatly expanded and inter-connected with one another, giving a greater feeling of a single, complete world rather than stand-alone levels. Other than car-combats, Harbor City was going to have human characters in 3rd person, for more “personal” fights.. a bit like a GTA game, but with more emphasis on multiplayer deathmatches.

According to bonus material on Extra Twisted Edition, the project was scrapped because of the deaths of six key developers in a plane crash. However, some claim this to be a hoax as no proof of this happening has arisen from another source. [Infos from Wikipedia]

Four levels of Harbor City, albeit without the interconnection or interactiveness active, were included in TM: Head On, as a bonus feature entitled Twisted Metal: Lost, but those were just a small part of the original game. An upgraded version of  the Harbor City concept is currently in development for the PS3 by Eat Sleep Play.

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Cel Damage 2 [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

Cel Damage was a vehicular combat game developed by Pseudo Interactive and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube. It was later updated for the PS2 in the European exclusive, Cel Damage: Overdrive. Prior to Overdrive’s development, Pseudo originally intended to produce a sequel to the first game for PS2, Xbox and GC simply titled ‘Cel Damage 2’. It was pitched to EA, SEGA, Midway, Ubisoft and others, although none of them agreed to fund it; resulting in its cancellation. This was due to a number of different factors, including the poor sales performance of the original and concerns with its marketability, as well as a general lack of faith in viability of the car combat genre among publishers.

Thanks a lot to Roberto Robert, David Wu, Kay Huang, Heidi Klinck, Albert Alejandro, Bronwen Grimes, Frank Trzcinski and all the former Pseudo Interactive artists that helped us to preserve info and media from their lost project!