twisted metal

Twisted Metal Black [PS2 – Unused Stuff]

As Cyrax151 has made us to notice and as we can see in the Youtube Channel of Gutmanship, if you pop the Twisted Metal Black PAL disc in your PC and try to check the “MOV” folder, you can find some small video-files (less than 1 second) that when converted to .wmv format show a series of unused character intros. These are similar to the ones that are used for the playable characters in the game, but we can even find one for Warhawk, the final boss that is not usable by the player: is it possible that Warhack was meant to be playable originally?



Twisted Metal 3 [PSX – Beta]

Twisted Metal III is the third game in the Twisted Metal vehicular combat series, released in 1998. After a contractual dispute with the developer of previous games in series, SingleTrac, Twisted Metal development duties were handed over to Sony’s in-house development team, 989 Studios. [Infos from Wikipedia]

In the Youtube Channel of Playstation Museum, we can see an interesting video from an early build of TM3, in which there were some vehicles that were removed from the final version and some differences in the levels layout!

Thanks to AMB Cloud for the contribution!



Twisted Metal Black 2: Harbor City [PS2 – Cancelled]

Twisted Metal: Black is the Playstation 2 chapter of a series of car combat games, created by Incog Inc. In 2003 TM: Black was to have a sequel titled Harbor City, though it was never officially announced and the project was later scrapped.

Details on the Twisted Metal Black 2: Harbor City were revealed in the PlayStation 2 port of Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition. It was originally planned the levels of Harbor City to be greatly expanded and inter-connected with one another, giving a greater feeling of a single, complete world rather than stand-alone levels. Other than car-combats, Harbor City was going to have human characters in 3rd person, for more “personal” fights.. a bit like a GTA game, but with more emphasis on multiplayer deathmatches.

According to bonus material on Extra Twisted Edition, the project was scrapped because of the deaths of six key developers in a plane crash. However, some claim this to be a hoax as no proof of this happening has arisen from another source. [Infos from Wikipedia]

Four levels of Harbor City, albeit without the interconnection or interactiveness active, were included in TM: Head On, as a bonus feature entitled Twisted Metal: Lost, but those were just a small part of the original game. An upgraded version of  the Harbor City concept is currently in development for the PS3 by Eat Sleep Play.

Thanks to Cyrax151 for the contribution! Thanks to Miles for his help in preserving more images from this lost game!




Buggy Boogie [N64 – Proto / Cancelled]


There are just few informations available about this strange project developed by Angel Studios, that at first appeared to be some sort of car-battle game, but then it became something more similar to Mario Kart, before being cancelled.

Thanks to an interview on GamaSutra we can read some more details from one of the original developers:

“When I was working on the Dream Team [at Angel Studios], they wanted us to do this DNA-based driving game called Buggy Boogie. You had these vehicles that would eat other vehicles and adopt their powers and morph. It was really cool. But they would sign three month contracts, and Miyamoto himself would say that he did not want any documents. He would just say, “Find the fun, and I’ll be back in three months to take a look at what you have.”

We went through about three iterations of that. We busted our hump trying different things, but at the end of it, he kept coming back and saying that it wasn’t there, and it wasn’t fun. We were a new company that didn’t know how to make games. After about six or nine months, he came back and said, “You guys have really worked hard, and we see the progress, but we’re not seeing the product. But another opportunity has come up for a fantasy golf game, so why don’t you guys work on that? In three months, we’ll be back. Show us a golf game.”

Even if Buggy Boogie looked like an interesting project, it seems that Nintendo killed it for a reason or another… really a shame. In the few screens and concept arts remained from the game, we can see some of its development changes.

Thanks a lot to Hey Hey for the contribution!