Twisted Metal Black [PS2 – Unused Stuff]

Twisted Metal Black [PS2 – Unused Stuff]

As Cyrax151 has made us to notice and as we can see in the Youtube Channel of Gutmanship, if you pop the Twisted Metal Black PAL disc in your PC and try to check the “MOV” folder, you can find some small video-files (less than 1 second) that when converted to .wmv format show a series of unused character intros. These are similar to the ones that are used for the playable characters in the game, but we can even find one for Warhawk, the final boss that is not usable by the player: is it possible that Warhack was meant to be playable originally?


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5 thoughts on “Twisted Metal Black [PS2 – Unused Stuff]

  1. brad

    hey monokoma you need to create a twisted metal 2 page. I found a character portrait for a character named granny dark, and this interesting because she may have been the inspiration for granny dread in twisted metal 3. You should also create a page for the new twisted metal game because I found some vehicle models from vehicles that were scrapped from the game, and information about a new motorcycle vehicle that was scrapped. if you want to make these pages i’ll email you the info and pics, just give me your email. oh and also feel free to delete this comment anytime because it ahs nothing to do with this page

  2. Archminion

    I have an unreleased proto of this game that contains very different stories/endings and some gameplay differences not seen in the final US version.

    The stories for Preacher and Dollface are quite different for example.

    The shorter endings for the secret characters are also different with placeholder artwork for Warthog and the victim in Axel’s ending being his son and not his wife.

    [email protected] for info…

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