Land Buster [MD/G – Cancelled?]


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Lobo [SNES/Genesis – Cancelled]


LOBO is a cancelled fighting game that was meant to be released for the Super Nintendo and the Sega Mega Drive / genesis,  settled up in the DC Comics’ LOBO universe. Ocean was planning to release this in 1996, but it was cancelled for both platforms at the last minute. A prototype of the game was found by the SegaSaturno community and they released it with the help of Hidden Palace! You can download this playable beta in here.

Thanks to Gilgamesh, RedEye & Wesker for the contributions!




Cyber Speedway [Saturn – Beta]


The beta version of Cyber Speedway had a different HUD, as we can see in the scans from the gallery below. In the magazine they call it Gale Racer, probably an error in the translation, as the game was  originally know as “Gran Racer” which was actually released as Gran Chaser in Japan. You can see some images from the final version at MobyGames. Also, thanks to Yakumo from Segagaga Domain, we can see some better screens from a 50% complete beta build, in which the HUD is completely different, the ships/cars that you control have no textures at all and we can notice many wire frame polygons that were used as place holders. There seems to be even an unknown track, that could have been removed from the final game.

Thanks to Yakumo for the contribution!


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [Beta – PSX Saturn]


The images below are from an old E3 Beta demo of Castlevania: SotN that was sold on ebay some time ago. The description said: “This auction is for the Castlevania E3 edition. Only one known to exist in collector’s hands this could be the highlight of many game collections. This disc was an early development version of the title which was released in the us as Castlevania SOTN. Early development titles such as this were run on test consoles by developers and game testors. If you lack the hardware required to play developmental software game do not bid.

The game gives 2 options. Normal and Special. Normal mode starts out at the end of the Bloodlines story but the text is in English while the voices are still in Japanese. I am unsure if this remains throughout the entire game or just for the first cutscene. Special mode starts you off further along with items and relics already as part of your inventory. In either mode dying brings up a different game over screen which instead says “To be continured September 1997″. I have not determined what other differences may exist and leave that all up to the buyer.”

Some more differences were noticed by Torentsu:

  • Alucard levels much more quickly
  • spells are still usable in special mode but they start out not being in the menu
  • Lead in to the music track in Catacombs is VERY different

This beta demo was leaked online sometime ago and you can download it if you search it on Google. If you play it and find some  more interesting differences, let us know!