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Asterix in Egypt [Beta – Sega Master System]

Asterix in Egypt is an action / platform game that was published for the Sega Master System based on the the french Asterix comics. In some old magazines we can see a lot of beta screenshots, with vairous graphic differences from the final version!

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Thanks to Icecaap and Lamoscato for the contribution!



Sonic 2 (8Bit) [GG/MS – Beta]

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a side-scrolling platform developed by Aspect Co and published by Sega for the Master System and Game Gear, released before the 16-bit version for the Mega Drive / Genesis. Jean-François was able to find a few beta-screens (Game Gear version) from an old magazine, in which we can notice some differences in the HUD and in an image with Pib Badnik: in the final it’s a boss in Gimmick Mountain Zone (one of the last levels) but it appears here in a sort of Green Hill-alike level (with differents palmtrees) and with Robotnik at the same time!

Thanks a lot to Jean-François for the contribution!



Wonder Boy in Monster World [MS – Prototype]

Wonder Boy in Monster World (Wonder Boy V Monster World III in Japan) is a title in the series of Wonder Boy games which were developed in the 1980s and 1990s by Sega and Westone. It is the fifth game in the Wonder Boy series, and the third game in the Monster World sub-series. [Infos from Wikipedia]

As Zero7 has made us to notice with a topic in our forum, a prototype of this game was leaked online and it’s possible to find it on various Master System roms archives. Some of the differences that can be found in the proto are:

  • Title screen doesnt animate like the final
  • There is a placeholder picture for the intro cutscene
  • There is no textbox when you start, unlike the final
  • There is a debug mode on, you cant die (You’ll revive back to 8 hearts) and up+a+b = teleport
  • All the menu commands save items and magic go to the weapon’s screen
  • You cant equip anything different, so they’re just there to show how the screen would look (maybe)
  • “Night Sord”
  • Bosses cant be killed, but they can kill you
  • The first boss doesnt wake up for some reason
  • Shops dont work
  • Most doors dont work outside of the two towns and some others

Thanks to Zero7 for the contribution!


Sonic’s Edusoft [SMS – Cancelled]


Sonic’s Edusoft is a game for Master System developed by Tiertex and published by U.S. Gold for the Sega Master System. No one knew anything about this game until an anonymous person created a Wikipedia page with information on the license, this individual turned out to be one of the programmers. Later, with the nickname “the programmer” gave some information about the game in the forums SMSPower.

Development started in 1991, soon after the release of the first Sonic game nd before the beginning of the programming of the second. This game is considered the first title not developed by Sonic Team not absolute and the first featuring the blue hedgehog to be published. The game was tested in a primary school and was really well received (it was designed for children under 5 years).

Sega was aware of this title, but the use of Sonic was not approved and the game was not published. It is established that is not a fake, the program said that sooner or later will create a website that explain everything in the game, but not right now for personal reasons. The ROM of Sonic’s Edusoft was leaked in April 2008.

Thanks to minichapman for the translation!

italian_flag.jpg [spoiler /Clicca qui per la versione in Italiano/ /Nascondi la versione in Italiano/]Sonic’s Edusoft è un gioco per Master System sviluppato da Tiertex e pubblicato da U.S Gold per il Sega Master System. Non si sapeva niente di questo gioco fino a quando un anonimo creò una pagina su Wikipedia con informazioni sul titolo; questo individuo si rivelò poi essere uno dei programmatori. In seguito, con il nick “the programmer” diede qualche informazione sul gioco nel forum di SMSPower.

Lo sviluppo è cominciato nel 1991, subito dopo il rilascio del primo Sonic e l’inizio della programmazione del secondo. Questo gioco è considerato il primo titolo di Sonic in assoluto non sviluppato dal SonicTeam ed il primo con protagonista il riccio blu a non essere pubblicato. Il gioco venne testato in una scuola elementare e venne effettivamente ben accolto (era progettato per bambini di 5 anni).

Sega era a conoscenza di questo titolo, ma l’uso di Sonic non venne approvato e il gioco non venne pubblicato. È accertato che non sia un fake; il programmatore ha affermato che prima o poi creerà uno spazio web in cui spiegare tutto del gioco, ma non adesso per motivi personali. Ancora non si sa se la ROM verrà rilasciata al pubblico.[/spoiler]



Alex Kidd in Shinobi World [SMS – Beta]


Alex Kidd was not originally intended to be the star of the game, but in fact an original character called Shinobi Kid. Apart from a few sprite character changes and some graphical alterations to the first level, the games appear to be identical. but no Images or Sprites of Shinobi Kid remain in the Shinobi World ROM. The first boss, Kabuto, was originally going to be named Mari-Oh, as a parody of the Nintendo character Mario (“Oh” in Japanese meaning, “King”, King Mari). Despite the name not going through, Kabuto still shares many of his would-be counterpart’s qualities; his main attack is shooting fireballs, and he shrinks after taking a certain amount of damage.

Rumor has it that Sega also originally intended Alex to appear in several games parodying their own licenses in a bit to re-invent the character, with Golden Axe and Phantasy Star on the top of the name list. Unfortunately, Sega’s success on Sonic The Hedgehog put an end to this plan. – [info from Wikipedia]