Sonic’s Edusoft: Leaked!

Sonic’s Edusoft: Leaked!

It looks like that at Sonic Retro they have found a playable proto of Sonic’s Edusoft, a cancelled sonic game for the Sega Master System: “Sonic’s Edusoft is an unreleased educational game for the Sega Master System developed in 1991 by Tiertex. The unofficially licensed game had been unknown until a Wikipedia page was created in September 2006 by an anonymous programmer involved with the game. This page has since been removed from Wikipedia. In March 2007, “the programmer” replied to an SMS Power topic concerning the Wikipedia page, revealing more details about the game. On April 27th, 2008 the ROM was finally brought to the attention of the Sonic Retro community.”



You can read more and download the proto @ Sonic Retro’s website

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