Mr. Nutz 2? It looks like it was real

Mr. Nutz 2? It looks like it was real

Madou at the DigitalPress forum seems to have found some graphical proof of the existence of Mr. Nutz 2, an old unreleased platform for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. There were some discussion about the state of the game, but if these screens are real, then it looks like it was really in development somehow:




You can read more about it at the DP Forum 


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7 thoughts on “Mr. Nutz 2? It looks like it was real

  1. Ben @

    Have you considered writing a article comparing the console versions of Mr Nutz with the Amiga version? The Amiga version is a huge game, with an overworld akin to to SMB3/SMW, whereas the console versions seem rather stunted by comparison. I wonder if there were plans to incorporate that overworld into the console releases…?

  2. monokoma Post author

    Hi Ben! Thanks for the info, i did not knew that.. It could be an interesting article, but i’m not an expert about Mr Nutz, so before we can write something like that, we need to find someone that knows the games (or that has the time to play them just to make the article). It’s difficult to think about this console version of Mr Nutz 2 without anymore infos, i hope that someday it could be leaked..

  3. Jose

    If someone here understand french, here’s a really interesting interview of the creator of the original Mr Nutz game :

    At a certain point of the interview, he mentions the existence of a followup to Mr Nutz, but he describes the prototype as an isometric RPG game that would have looked a bit like Zelda with the same graphics as the original Super Nintendo game… which is completely different with the Mr Nutz 2 presented here.

  4. Ross Sillifant

    Neon’s Peter Thierolf told Playstation Plus magazine that: ‘In the end, Mr Nutz on the Mega Drive never came out.There were lots of bugs in in it, and we’d already moved onto better projects’.

    The 1st game did come out did it not? (or at least was reviewed from what i can recal), so maybe he’s refering to Mr Nutz 2?.Very vague but thought it was worth mentioning here.

  5. Ross Sillifant

    Ahh , cancel last, just looked up history of the game:

    ‘Sometime after its original Amiga releases, the Neon Studios game was eventually stated to be ported to the Sega Mega Drive and released in Europe in 1995 as Mr. Nutz 2, acting as a sequel of the console Mr. Nutz game which had already been released in this particular system. However, despite being fully completed by the developer and even tested by European press reviewers, the Mega Drive port of Mr. Nutz: Hoppin’ Mad was never published because of Ocean’s diminishing support of the platform.’

    THIS is the game Peter refered to in said PS Mag feature.

    Still at least we now have Peters version of events.

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