Wonder Boy in Monster World [MS – Prototype]

Wonder Boy in Monster World [MS – Prototype]

Wonder Boy in Monster World (Wonder Boy V Monster World III in Japan) is a title in the series of Wonder Boy games which were developed in the 1980s and 1990s by Sega and Westone. It is the fifth game in the Wonder Boy series, and the third game in the Monster World sub-series. [Infos from Wikipedia]

As Zero7 has made us to notice with a topic in our forum, a prototype of this game was leaked online and it’s possible to find it on various Master System roms archives. Some of the differences that can be found in the proto are:

  • Title screen doesnt animate like the final
  • There is a placeholder picture for the intro cutscene
  • There is no textbox when you start, unlike the final
  • There is a debug mode on, you cant die (You’ll revive back to 8 hearts) and up+a+b = teleport
  • All the menu commands save items and magic go to the weapon’s screen
  • You cant equip anything different, so they’re just there to show how the screen would look (maybe)
  • “Night Sord”
  • Bosses cant be killed, but they can kill you
  • The first boss doesnt wake up for some reason
  • Shops dont work
  • Most doors dont work outside of the two towns and some others

Thanks to Zero7 for the contribution!


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