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Missile Fighter [PC Engine CD – Cancelled]

Missile Fighter is a cancelled action multiplayer game similar to Bomberman, that was in development by Media Works and NEC for the PC Engine CD. A preview for the game was published in Dengeki PC Engine magazine (June 93), showing off a screenshot and many details about its playable characters.


Each one had its own skills and weapons, featuring ninjas, magical girls, dinosaurs and robots. It looked like the cute and fun multiplayer game, so it’s quite a shame it was canned. If someone would like to translate some more details from the japanese scan below, feel free to add them in the comments section!



HiTech (Illusion Softworks) [PS3, Xbox 360, PC – Cancelled]

HiTech is a cancelled action / stealth game that was planned for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2006 / 2007 by Illusion Softworks (now known as 2K Czech), the team mostly known for the Hidden & Dangerous and Mafia series. The project was still in early development and without a playable prototype when it was canned. Only a concept video was created to pitch the game to publishers, but unfortunately they did not find any company interested and had to cancel it. Instead, they continued working on Mafia II, later released in 2010.

The project was lead by Daniel Vávra, game designer who worked at Illusion Softworks since 1998 on Hidden and Dangerous and Mafia I & II. Vávra shown the HiTech concept footage in 2007 during his presentation titled “How to make a game” and the video was later uploaded on Youtube. From what we can see in this pitch video, HiTech’s gameplay could have been similar to other action / stealth games such as Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell, but in a sci-fi setting.

As we can read in the video intro:

“Year 2025. A group of terrorists sabotaged military robot tests inside Adler Group production facility. The robots went out of control and slaughtered AG staff. Terrorists provided media with video footage of this massacre. The facility has been evacuated and the nemesis team has been called in. The objective is to regain control and cover up the incident.”

Thanks to superannuation for the contribution!



Battle Heat [PC-FX – unused character]

Battle Heat is an animated fighting game developed by Hudson Soft and released for the PC-FX. The video below shown what it seems to be an unused character:

My console fall on the floor and when a try choose a character the game stop for sec and the name Simeon appear.The music is unused too.when you put the cd in the pc engine you can see a girl in the upper upper right in sd form see not in the game.

Article by dfrost



PC Cocoron [PC Engine – Cancelled]

PC Cocoron is a cancelled platform game that was in development for the PC Engine. It seems that this project was meant to be a sequel of the Cocoron NES game, which is notable for allowing customization of the main character. Not many more info are available about PC Cocoron and it was soon lost in the unreleased games limbo.

Scans from Console Plus issue 28, GameFan issue 1-12, Marukatsu Vol 1 1994 and Marukatsu Vol 2 1994.

Thanks to SuperPlay, Youloute, Rod_wod and Gilgamesh.



Tengai Makyou III: NAMIDA 3 [PC Engine / PC-FX – Cancelled]

Tengai Makyou III: NAMIDA was a new game in the highly popular Tengai Makyou series (known as Far East of Eden outside Japan) planned for PC-FX. The game actually was first announced for PCEngine Super CD and later moved to Arcade Card Duo format but never completed. Below you can see a japanese teaser article when the game was first revealed for SCD thanks to The Turbo List.

The game was announced in 1995 and development ceased at a very late stage. In July 1997 Hudson Soft officially announced that the project has been halted due to the fact that a release on the shrinking PC-FX userbase would be unprofitable for the company. Several years later Hudson Soft revived the project on PS2 ( and Gamecube but , once again, a version was terminated), heavily re-tooling it, and finally released it in 2005.

Very few media exist about the PC-FX project like for example an image found in GameFan volume 3 issue 10. Defrost in the pcenginefx.com forum posted some nice arts and gifs about Namida for the NEC console.

Article by Celine, thanks to dfrost for the contribution!