PC Cocoron [PC Engine – Cancelled]

PC Cocoron [PC Engine – Cancelled]

PC Cocoron is a cancelled platform game that was in development for the PC Engine. It seems that this project was meant to be a sequel of the Cocoron NES game, which is notable for allowing customization of the main character. Not many more info are available about PC Cocoron and it was soon lost in the unreleased games limbo.

Scans from Console Plus issue 28, GameFan issue 1-12, Marukatsu Vol 1 1994 and Marukatsu Vol 2 1994.

Thanks to SuperPlay, Youloute, Rod_wod and Gilgamesh.


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7 thoughts on “PC Cocoron [PC Engine – Cancelled]

  1. ogo79

    yes someone does have the game, it is rumored near 100% complete, theres another rumor the owner isnt coming off of it either

  2. Steve

    His name is Yuki(Yuri?), and i believe lives in Japan, and he has the playable beta, but like one post stated, he will not come off it, sell it, sell a copy- nothing. I have tried. I contacted him, and he was really nice about not budging, even apologized. Shame this was never released, or leaked by the original owner(if yuki is not the original owner), before Yuki obtained it.

  3. Steve Arbogast

    I had contacted Yuki (Yuri?) through the website (I believe the owner is female, I could be wrong, it has been so many years. I believe I was corrected on the gender when I addressed the owner blindly as “sir” or “Mr.”) but was politely shot down on obtaining a copy for a substantial amount, or even parting ways with the original for an even substantially larger sum. It never occurred to me to ask the owner for even a long play video to share with us thrill seekers on Youtube.

    I used to go by the handle “Jammaniaclord” if anyone here is from the NEC scene back from the early 2000’s.

    1. Michael Harkins

      Hey! Good to see you’re still around! I remember you! It’s incrediblehark… I miss the old days on the DC hub. Lost contact with everyone from back in the day. Anyway I was thinking of PC Cocoron and found your message while googling. Can’t believe it’s 2017 and it still hasn’t surfaced.

      1. Steve Arbogast

        Yo Hark! Wassup?! I remember you bud! I would at least like to see a full playthrough of the game shared on YouTube. It would at least be something to cherish.

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