Tengai Makyou III: NAMIDA 3 [PC Engine / PC-FX – Cancelled]

Tengai Makyou III: NAMIDA 3 [PC Engine / PC-FX – Cancelled]

Tengai Makyou III: NAMIDA was a new game in the highly popular Tengai Makyou series (known as Far East of Eden outside Japan) planned for PC-FX. The game actually was first announced for PCEngine Super CD and later moved to Arcade Card Duo format but never completed. Below you can see a japanese teaser article when the game was first revealed for SCD thanks to The Turbo List.

The game was announced in 1995 and development ceased at a very late stage. In July 1997 Hudson Soft officially announced that the project has been halted due to the fact that a release on the shrinking PC-FX userbase would be unprofitable for the company. Several years later Hudson Soft revived the project on PS2 ( and Gamecube but , once again, a version was terminated), heavily re-tooling it, and finally released it in 2005.

Very few media exist about the PC-FX project like for example an image found in GameFan volume 3 issue 10. Defrost in the pcenginefx.com forum posted some nice arts and gifs about Namida for the NEC console.

Article by Celine, thanks to dfrost for the contribution!



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One thought on “Tengai Makyou III: NAMIDA 3 [PC Engine / PC-FX – Cancelled]

  1. Sam Jones

    While Tengai Makyou 3 was planned for NEC’s PC-FX back in 1995, the dismal failure of the system caused the game to be cancelled. A decade later, Hudson and Red Entertainment has resurrected the series for the Playstation 2 and giving a third true installment. Thats all.

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