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Kuma Soldier [PC-FX – Cancelled]

Kuma Soldier is a cancelled shooter in the famous Star Soldier series, planned for PC-FX (to not be confused with Super Star Soldier 3D also planned for PC-FX). As you can see from the short video below (taken from a promotional video made by NEC to promote the then brand-new system) the game provided a time attack mode, but it is unclear if it offered other gaming modes. CD Consoles magazine issue 5 cited how the game in early 1995 was only 20% complete. We can speculate that Hudson Soft cancelled Kuma Soldier when the PC-FX proved to be a failure in the japanese market.

As noticed by users of the Rising Stuff Forum, it seems that Hudson used some of the Kuma Soldier concepts to create Star Soldier R for WiiWare.

Article by Celine!




Cyber Fighter [PC-FX – Cancelled]

Cyber Fighter is a cancelled fighting game set in a futuristic context where robots fight each others like in the terrible game “Rise of the Robots” (it uses pre-rendered graphics too). The title developed by NEC HE would never seen the light of the day for unknown reason. You can watch a short video of Cyber Fighter below, taken from a promotional video made by NEC to promote the then brand-new system.



Space Fantasy Zone [PC Engine – Cancelled]

Space Fantasy Zone is a cancelled shoot ’em up planned for the PC-Engine, as a weird mix between the original Fantasy Zone and Space Harrier. The game was in development in 1991 by NEC Avenue, but for some reasons it was never released. A playable version was eventually leaked online so if you are interested to know more about the game, you should be able to easily find it with google.

Thanks to Celine and Guilherme Miranda for the contribution!




Super Star Soldier 3D [PC-FX – Cancelled]

NEC/Hudson unveiled a new hardware board, codenamed IronMan, in mid 1992 that would replace the aging PC-Engine. During the announcement they showed some  tech demos and between them there was a polygonal-based flying shooter game that later was known as Super Star Soldier 3D. However NEC didn’t release the new system that year because the PC-Engine was still quite popular in Japan.

Only with the approaching of new rivals like 3DO, Saturn and Playstation NEC decided to release a successor to its popular platform using as the base the old board showed two years before ( it’s still unknown the difference between the original Iron Man and the final PC-FX ), but Super Star Soldier 3D was never finished. The project is of particular interest because PC-FX never had any polygonal-based game.

Scans from Consoles Plus issue 11 and 19, article by Celine