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Super Star Soldier 3D [PC-FX – Cancelled]

NEC/Hudson unveiled a new hardware board, codenamed IronMan, in mid 1992 that would replace the aging PC-Engine. During the announcement they showed some  tech demos and between them there was a polygonal-based flying shooter game that later was known as Super Star Soldier 3D. However NEC didn’t release the new system that year because the PC-Engine was still quite popular in Japan.

Only with the approaching of new rivals like 3DO, Saturn and Playstation NEC decided to release a successor to its popular platform using as the base the old board showed two years before ( it’s still unknown the difference between the original Iron Man and the final PC-FX ), but Super Star Soldier 3D was never finished. The project is of particular interest because PC-FX never had any polygonal-based game.

Scans from Consoles Plus issue 11 and 19, article by Celine


FX Fighter [PC FX – Cancelled]

As we can read on giantbomb.com, FX Fighter is a cancelled fighting game, used to promote the PC-FX and it’s graphical capabilities.  A demo was shown at the Tokyo Toy Show in 1994. The game was a 1-on-1 3D fighter which used FMV to represent the characters movement.  The game was cancelled halfway through development with only 3 or 4 characters done because the sheer size of the FMVs needed to complete the game exceeded the capacity of a single CD.

You can watch a couple of videos below, one taken from a promotional video made by NEC to promote the then brand-new system (shared by Dosunceste), another from AssemblerEx YT Channel.

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Bonk (Jenjin / Genjiin) RPG [PC Engine – Cancelled]

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Also know as Bonk’s Quest / Bonk’s RPC / Bonk IV RPG / Genjiin RPG

Thanks to Ruha and Celine for the contribute! A couple of screens from the PC Engine Software Bible