Missile Fighter [PC Engine CD – Cancelled]

Missile Fighter [PC Engine CD – Cancelled]

Missile Fighter is a cancelled action multiplayer game similar to Bomberman, that was in development by Media Works and NEC for the PC Engine CD. A preview for the game was published in Dengeki PC Engine magazine (June 93), showing off a screenshot and many details about its playable characters.


Each one had its own skills and weapons, featuring ninjas, magical girls, dinosaurs and robots. It looked like the cute and fun multiplayer game, so it’s quite a shame it was canned. If someone would like to translate some more details from the japanese scan below, feel free to add them in the comments section!


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One thought on “Missile Fighter [PC Engine CD – Cancelled]

  1. Cid Gus

    el juego no termino de ser realizado mas que una version beta . la empresa fue liquidada al poco tiempo tras una deuda que habian acarreado de otros proyectos sin exito . viendose en la necesidad de dar fin al proyecto y pagando liquidacion a los pocos programadores que tenia la empresa y el embargo de los equipos . quien sabe este juego hubiese ganafo buena fama . ya que para esos dias los juegos similares al bomberman estaban en voga

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