Darknet [Saturn, Playstation, PC – Cancelled]

Darknet [Saturn, Playstation, PC – Cancelled]

Darknet (sometimes written Dark Net) was given a tiny preview in the August 1995 issue of Sega Power, in “Video Games The Ultimate Gaming Magazine” (Issue 90 July 1996) and in EGM 83, and aside from a small screenshot and some concept art, very little is said about the game. From the lone screenshot, it seems to be an isometric adventure game, similar to Diablo, but with a fairly unique plot, with four students being sucked into the internet itself and fighting against the titular Darknet. The game was developed by American Softworks for PC, Playstation and Saturn, scheduled for ‘some yet-to-be-decided date’ and never released.


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5 thoughts on “Darknet [Saturn, Playstation, PC – Cancelled]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    With huge thanks to Shaun McClure for discussing this in his superb book..Video Game Development- The Rock And Roll Years. .

    We now know artist Wayne Reynolds has helped design the game…and had produced quite a lot of Marvel style artwork for it.

    Wayne, Shaun and Kevin Mcintosh were flown over to America to discuss it, Shaun created some mock up art for the game so ASC would get the contract with Imagitec Design, signed..

    Game was going to be an isometric slant on Gauntlet, supposed to quite simple from a gameplay point of view, but the isometric viewpoint made things incredibly difficult to produce the graphics for, as Wayne Reynolds had drawn incredibly detailed figures but these needed to be drawn and animation in 8 seperate directions etc..

    Putting character graphics designed in 2D into a 3D environment was always going to be challenging, but even more so when the team working on it were not 3D artists per say and were working on other projects at the same time.

    A professional model making company had been paid to build a lot of characters and bad guys, based on Wayne Reynolds art..imagitec had the basis for a design..but the isometric viewpoint made it a nightmare for the coders getting the art into the game..ASC grew tired of seeing little progress so game was canned.

  2. Ross Sillifant

    More from Shaun:

    “..it was another Imagitec problem-we did a design,did some artwork to dell the concept,and then didn’t really discuss it with the coders to see if it was actually possible.As usual we tended to fly into projects without giving them much thought-We should of consulted with the coders before taking the design to the clients. “

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