Rayman 2: The Great Escape [Beta]

Rayman 2: The Great Escape [Beta]


The_IT_08 has wrote a topic in our forum with some beta-screens and a video from Rayman 2 that shows a series of differences. As he says: “Alright in the first picture  there is a level called The Minhir Hills, it is a beta version of it, and this takes place in the second section of this level I think (because the walking shell’s starting point which is now the doghouse is close to the thorn pit). The differences are that there wasn’t a giant orange mushroom in there and the place where the walking shell comes from was not a doghouse. And there was a purple lum and it looked kind of different from the final version.

The second screenshot it takes place in the Iron Mountains, the diference there was that Ly the fairy wasn’t shown in that level in the final version.

The third screenshot takes place in a level called the Woods of Light. The difference is that there was no flower platform in the final version of the level, there was only one globox kid waiting for you, and Rayman looks diferent.

The fourth screenshot takes place in a level called the Whale Bay, where the pirate seal is not red in the final version.

In the beta video there are loads of beta stuff. The levels were different and the enemies were from the final version but the dark catapillar was pink instead of black in the beta.

Rayman didn’t throw rays of energy but instead fists like in Rayman 1 and 3.

Thanks a lot to The_IT_08 and Cody Collins for the contributions!



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7 thoughts on “Rayman 2: The Great Escape [Beta]

  1. MarxForever

    Isn’t there an even earlier Beta for Rayman 2 that looks like the first one? Or would that be in the PSX section?

  2. The Triple A's

    Rayman 2 was originally made for the DreamCast, so the Beta won’t be much different, as the final copies from the 64 and DC are almost identical, and those 3D scenes were just made for the commercial.
    So, nothing special.

  3. Carlo Kok

    Actually, I can remember seeing other Alpha/Beta screenshots of Rayman 2 in an old dutch magazine about pc games. In the screenshots: Rayman had a smug expression constantly (probably an old model) and there were rooms that looked like those in the final, but there was also a strange room that took place at (I think) a beta location of “The Sancturary of Water and Ice” you know that last place, when you’ve defeated Axel? (the guardian) that’s what it looked like, but it was much bigger (more like a level, but still a halway) and there were teensies and a bridge-like structure. I must dig through my old magazines to see if I can find it again and maybe we could update the screenshots here. =3

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