Green Lantern [SNES – Cancelled]

Green Lantern [SNES – Cancelled]

Green Lantern is a cancelled platform / adventure game based on the comic with the same name, that was in development for the Super Nintendo by Ocean Software in 1995. The player was going to be able to use many different items to resolve the levels in different ways. As we can read at SNES Central, it seems that the project was almost finished, but DC Comics was not happy with the product, asking for more changes before to publish the game. Considering the budget already spent, Ocean Software decided that it was better to just stop the development instead to invest more money into it.

Thanks to Celine and Rod_Wod for the contributions! (Scans from Super Power magazine #29, CD Consoles #7, Joypad #39, Edge #8)


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4 thoughts on “Green Lantern [SNES – Cancelled]

  1. Ace

    I have/had an ocean magazine with a small thing about this. With a mode 7 flying screenshot. Problem is I think I threw out the magazine. Wish I could find it and contribute

  2. Tehpogo

    Dean Evans, the original composer for the game, has at least shed some light on the fate of the game’s music. Some of it found a place in the otherwise atrocious Waterworld for the SNES, and he’s uploaded a couple of the unused tracks onto Youtube.

    And they’re GREAT.

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