Trimark Interactive

Warlock: The Game [SNES MD GEN – Beta]

Warlock: The Game was released in 1994 on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. Developed by Trimark Interactive and published by Acclaim Entertainment, an advertisement for the game found on the VHS of Warlock: The Armageddon (which the game takes most of the story elements from) shows slower game play and a smoother animated player sprite. There are some beta versions on internet.

Article by James Reed



MagBall [PSX – Cancelled]

MagBall is a cancelled Playstation game that was in development by Trimark Interactive in 1995. The gameplay was going to be somewhat similar to a soccer game, but with spaceships that have to knock a ball into a goal. The project was never released for unknow reasons and few year later, Trimark was closed down. Celine was able to find some screens from the game in EGM issue 74, even if the images were probably taken from a FMV or a target render and no real gameplay was shown.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!