Monster Island [XBOX PS2 GC – Cancelled]

Monster Island is a game project that was pitched in 2001 by Irrational Games for the Playstation 2, Xbox and Gamecube, described as “Rampage meets Black and White Creatures in a Fully Destructible Environment”. Monster Island was meant to be a fast paced action / strategy game in which the player would had assumed the role of either a giant monster out to eat a city for dinner or the authorities pledged to protect the innocent citizenry.

In october 2010, the studio revealed this cancelled project from their official blog and shared some concept arts and a short document that explains the main features of the game. The pitch promised some 20 monsters, a living city, heavily destructible environments, and a dynamic civil defense network.

The monster’s goal is to cause as much destruction as possible while simultaneously quelling its own hideous appetite with tasty, human morsels. The monster might also receive unique goals in a particular mission, such as climbing a skyscraper, locating an enemy hidden in the city and destroying him, or defeating a rival monster! […]

Monster Island will also let the player take on the role of the good guys, protecting the city from the horrible creature. The player will have control of five key units: the Scientist (who gathers information on the monster to help defeat the behemoth), the Girl (who can lure the monster away from its intended target), the Engineer (who can direct rebuilding of the city), the General (who can direct the forces of the army fighting the monster), and the Hero (who can personally fight the monster when the going gets desperate).

The description sounds interesting, but sadly the game was never green-lighted.

Thanks to Robert Seddon for the contribution!



Alien Intelligence [PC – Cancelled]

Alien Intelligence is a cancelled turn based strategy game that was in development by Flatline Studios and it would have been published by Interplay in 1997. Thanks to derboo we were able to preserve some screenshots from this lost game, found in Power Play 4/98 magazine. As we can read in this old preview, the game promised space conquests in a huge universe full of planets, space ships and evil aliens in the style of Master Of Orion with state-of-the-art realtime chic.

The speciality of Alien Intelligence were the simultaneous space- and ground fights, colonizing and managing, fending off pirates and the trade and science in the well known manner. The research tree alone had a whole 150 pages in 8 categories and there were overall more than 10.000 possible ship designs. A myriad of possible catasprophes from storms and asteroids swarms to wandering black holes enriched the action.

Also the characterization of the races promises fun: The Arkanians are thievish insects with excellent technical skills. Huge warriors without any humor are the Munzoids, who in lack of any other talents try to solve everything with violence. The Drache, of lizard like statue, are honorable until death and gifted industrials. The Metalloids are actually a robot race with a special hand for all electronics. the Strixthes have an insect-like state form and reprodudction rate, but are otherwise rather unpleasant contemporaries. The Psionids are, of course, arrogant geniuses who strife for control over everthing and everyone through their mental strength (and a little war).

In the end Interplay decided to kill the game for unknown reasons.

Thanks to derboo for the contribution!


The great superbad, found a video of AI:

I have found a video add of AI on a cd and liked it.
The 1st thing was to look on ebay wich no real result.
Than came google, witch gave a lot of link’s.
This is one of them.

Origin/Source: disc 1 othe the game comlilation ‘Ultimate Strategy Archives’, folder DEMOS.

Download link:


Offensive (Ocean) [Playstation, Saturn – Cancelled?]

Offensive is a strategy war game that was in development by Ocean Software for the original Playstation and Saturn. It seems that the project was never finished, as it does not appear in any release list of titles published by Ocean, but maybe it could have been released with a different title on a different console or PC. Sadly we dont have any more info about Offensive and only few  screenshots were found in Electronic Gaming Monthly issue #86 and in PlayerOne Magazine issue #62.

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Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Forge [PC – Beta]

So there is this game, you might’ve heard about it: Heroes of Might and Magic 3. You might have heard of it’s expansion Armaggedon’s Blade. You might also have heard of Conflux, one of the “towns” (town = faction) that was added with the expansion.

Oh yeah, you might say, what’s so special about that town?

Well, here’s the deal: The Conflux was not supposed to be there in the beginning. There was no Conflux. Only Zuul- I mean Forge.

Omgzorz, what is Forge? Why was it removed? Well, Forge was a town that was supposed to be in the expansion but got removed due to poor fan reactions. The Forge was to be a town with a sci-fiction theme (like zombies with razorsaws as hands or humans with flamethrowers).


Fire Emblem: the Sacred Stones [Beta / Debug – GBA]

Recently a beta version of Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones has been found. It is a very early version of the Sacred Stones and contains many differences. This pre-alpha ROM uses many things from the previous game as placeholder; even the title and menus from the Blazing Sword are still there. The game opens up with a debug menu that is identical to the one from the Blazing Sword prototypes. Although the game does have some of the stages programmed in it many of these still need much work. Some do not yet have enemies and have a level two Cavalier as the only enemy. The game’s own music has not been implemented and certain moster enemies are missing battle artwork. Many character portraits are absent; those that do exist were changed in the final. These alterations are mostly minor but some characters were changed quite a bit. Also Ephraim’s name was originally Izark.

Alpha on the left. Final on the right.

Alpha on the left. Final on the right.

Debug Title Screen

Debug Title Screen

Additional information from Serenes Forest:

  • Amelia has Tana’s role; her class was planned to be a flying Trainee.
  • L’Arachel has a variation of Tana’s portrait, while Tethys has a variation of Neimi’s portrait.
  • There was a Wyvern Rider called Nate planned Ephraim’s name was planned to be Irzark (seen in the debug menus).

These characters were changed drastically in the final.

These characters were changed drastically in the final.

  • Many of the World Map locations have different names. Some of the battle map layouts are slightly different.
  • In Chapter 6, after Eirika hands over her bracelet, the Grado soldiers kill the civilians in front of her eyes.
  • At the end of Chapter 6, Saleh appears and kills the boss with a critical attack. Chapter 6’s battle map is the same as Chapter 11’s (Eirika’s route) in the retail version.
  • The boss of Chapter 8 is Dyude Rubarth, one of Grado’s Seven Generals, also known as the Black ?-stone.

By using the debug options one can remove an enemy's weapon. By doing this one can find sprites that are not normally viewable.

By using the debug options one can remove an enemy’s weapon. This shows sprites that are not viewable in normal gameplay.

  • Eirika promotes at the beginning of Chapter 17 The Final Chapter is comprised of just one map.
  • The Tower of Valni has two extra stages- seen in Floor 2 and 3.

You can find even more infos at Serenes Forest! Props to them

Below you can see a bunch of scans from Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones beta, before it came out. You can see its earliest scans (first reveal scans) where the first couple chapters are different and there are different animations and mugshots for some characters. The stolen prototypes (they were stolen from Intelligent System’s network) seem to have some content from this earliest version, but also content that wasn’t present in the earliest OR the final version.

Thanks to Iven Allen for the scans!