Super Punch-Out!! [SNES – Beta]

Super Punch-Out!! was released in North America on 1994, in Europe in 1995 and finally in Japan as part of the Nintendo Power flash RAM cartridge series in March 1998. Super Punch-Out!! is the fourth game in the Punch-Out!! series and Nintendo IRD was developing this game simultaneously with Zoda’s Revenge: StarTropics II. The game is based on Takeda’s original arcade versions of Punch-Out!! and Super Punch-Out!!. Before the game was finished and released, some screenshots of the beta seen in gaming magazines showed the protagonist of the game with a different look compared to his final version seen today. [Infos from Wikipedia]

Thanks to Celine for the scans!

Beta version:


Final version:





Amped 4 [X360/PS3 – Cancelled]

Amped was once a highly successful snowboarding series. After releasing Amped 3 in late 2005, developer Indie Built was busily working on Amped 4 and Links 2007. Both games were cancelled when the studio was closed in April 2006.

While the Amped series was formerly exclusive to Microsoft consoles, Amped 4 was going to be published on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Major additions included a resort community and technical improvements.


Kirby’s Dream Course [SNES – Beta / Unused]

GoldS has found an unused icon in Kirby’s Dream Course: “This icon was probably supposed to be used for the Mix “ability” in the game, which gives you a random ability from an ability roulette. The icon is never used in the game. There IS a Mix enemy in the 2P mode, but this graphic is never displayed. It looks almost identical to the Mix icon from Kirby’s Adventure, apart from a different palette.” In the japanese game code you can even find 11 unused levels (check the video), that were removed completely from the USA rom. Big props to GoldS for this find!

An interesting note: in the beginning, the game was not going to be a Kirby title. Rather, it was intended to be a miniature golf game entitled Special Tee Shot. It was only midway through development that the developers retooled it with elements from the Kirby series. Special Tee Shot was eventually released in Japan only on the Satellaview add-on. [Info from Wikipedia]

You can find more about the Kirby series in the WiKirby!




WCW Mayhem 2 [PS2 – Cancelled]

WCW Mayhem 2 was a professional wrestling video game to be published by Electronic Arts. The game was rumored to have been developed by AKI for the Sony PlayStation 2. A branching storyline as well as over 1000 moves would accompany the game. Match types like first blood and gauntlet were going to be implemented as well. Unfortunately for fans, WCW Mayhem 2 was never completed as the WWF’s purchase of the WCW in March of 2001 negated Electronic Art’s licensing deal. The technology and engine, however, were later used in part for EA’s future wrestling title, Def Jam Vendetta.

Thanks a lot to Steven Diggs Jr. for all these info and screens!