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Super Shadow of the Beast (IGS/ Psychnosis) – [SNES – Cancelled]

Super Shadow of the Beast would have been the Super Nintendo port of an old Amiga side-scrolling action game which was originally developed in 1989  by Reflections Interactive and published by Psygnosis. The game since then has been ported to almost every known platform at that time, so why not a Super Nintendo version?

The SNES version was developed by a company called IGS (Information Global Service) and was first reported seen at the summer edition of the 1992 Consumer Electronics Show (CES): in an article on Nintendo Power it was mentioned as a promising upcoming title for the SNES.

The original Shadow of the Beast game and most of its ports to other systems contain many grim, dark looking and bloody details such as bloody spikes, bouncing bloody eyeballs, flying skulls and decapitated enemies. To get approval from Nintendo and thus a license to publish the game on the SNES platform this port of the game had to undergo some serious censoring, mostly graphical adaptions like removal of blood,  redesigned levels and removing or redrawing of enemies.

Some screenshots of this censored SNES port were found at a site called they did an excellent job in showing the differences between the SNES version VS the Mega Drive one. Apparently all the efforts from IGS to change the game weren’t good enough for Nintendo USA and thus Super Shadow of the Beast was not approved.

Other rumors however state that the mature content cannot have been the only reason why Nintendo dropped the game. It’s possible that Super Shadow of the Beast was just not good enough to be released, with its poor graphics and colorful style it became something too much different from the original game and its dark atmosphere.

However  the SNES version of the game is not entirely lost: a rom of the game was leaked a while ago and it appears to be fully playable (segameplay videos below). I even came across some reproductions of actual SNES cartridges of the game if you prefer to play it directly with your original Super Nintendo console (if you still own one in working condition of course)

Censored SNES version vs SEGA Mega Drive version (Thanks to

Youtube gameplay video, end sequence & credits & music:







Screenshots various:


Steam [PC – Cancelled]

Developed by Reflection Interactive ( best known for its Driver series ), Steam is a cancelled 3D, third person adventure with a gothic flavour. Scheduled to appear in ’99 on PC the game never reached the stores shelves maybe because their parent company, GT Interactive, was acquired by Infogrames in that same year.

Scans from Next Generation issue 51.


Driv3r [PS2/XBOX – Beta]

Driv3r (also known as Driver 3) is an action /sandbox game developed by Reflections Interactive and published by Atari, released for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2004. Slayermaggot81 has linked us to the Driver Madness Forum, where they found many screenshots and a video (from Spetrikbob YT channel) with some beta differences.

Before the game came out, it was meant to be called Driver 3 and not Driv3r. If you have the videogame ‘Stuntman’, go in the Bonus section. There’s a preview of Driv3r, an the title at the end is ‘DRIVER 3’.

Stuntman came out in 2002, Driv3r came out in 2004 and they needed 3 years from the first idea to the release of the game. That mean they started making the game in 2001. So this video from Driver 3 in Stuntman can only be from 2001 or 2002.

In the beta videos and screens we can notice:

  • A yellow car that isn’t in the game (Miami)
  • The graphics are much better
  • The Ocean Drive looks different (Miami)
  • How can you have a so hight view of Istanbul ? Even with the film director it isn’t possible to go as high. Or is it a Cutscene … ?
  • The Sun looks different
  • The night looks better
  • Tanner looks different
  • Different and removed cars
  • Calita wearing red clothes and has a different hair cut
  • Miami looks different
  • & more…

Original Driv3r trailer:

Note that it was known then as “Driver 3″ and features Tanner in alternate clothing to the final game. It seems to be the same suit worn in Driver 2.

Thanks to Slayermaggot81, Martin Bigg and Vicente for the contributions!




Driver [PSX – Beta]

Driver is a 1999 action / driving game developed by Reflections Interactive (now known as Ubisoft Reflections). In the screens and video below, you can notice an early version of the game, with various differences: in the beta the Miami city main car was yellow with a black stripe (a kind of vehicle that is only used in Driver 2), an early pause / debug menu and the car resists to more damages than in the final version.

The HUD wasn´t complete and the map color is green instead of red. Some cars seen in the beta Newcastle city were not used in the Playstation version, but they can still be “unlocked” with gameshark / AR codes. The PC version of Driver could be considered as a director´s cut since the city and the unused cars can be normally unlocked in the game.

Super Slav has made us to notice that in the beta demo you coud drive your car into the water as there are no barriers to stop you in some parts of Miami area. Also some of the boats do not have textures. Hacking the demo to have unlimited time and damage, it’s possible to roam the beta map and to found some interesting stuff! (Check the third video below) Only half of the Miami map is avalable, peds can walk on water, and the boats are not solid. The water has no effect on the civilian cars (they can drive on it like the they drive on roads), the water only affects your car. Also, the map was a bit different in the beta demo.

Also, the original beta featured screenshots and videos of a yellow Buick GSX, but this car did not feature in the final game. It was, however, included as a bonus car in Driver 2.

Thanks to Vicente, MartinGamersin and Super Slav for the contributions!