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Tetris & Dr. Mario [SNES – Unused Stuff]

Tetris & Dr. Mario is a compilation for the Super Nintendo, containing the two individual games. Nensondubois has found that there is an unused and fully complete options menu in this compilation, that was removed for one reason or another from the final version.

The options menu can still be acessed thanks to a code created by Nensondubois. To access the Tetris options menu, you will need this PAR code 7E1E1B03, which will modify the menu selected. The options menu contains a set of options that are standard to most games. You will find a fully working control setup and input test (for testing the buttons on your controller). The sound test is somewhat incomplete (maybe Nintendo was lazy and didn’t bother finishing it).

For Dr. Mario it is the same situation. Here is the PAR code for Dr. Mario: 7E1E7203. Mixed Match is quite different but the game contains the same fully working set of options: to access it you will need to go to Tetris then activate this code 7E1E0E02 and you will be taken to the Mixed Match options menu. There are also some unused sounds in the Sound tests. There is also a Tetris debug menu that is very difficult to get working, but you could see it with “7E1E0E09”. This code will allow you to replace the selected game with the Tetris debug menu.

On a related note, there is also a way to access the entire game of Tetris & Dr. Mario in the BS version of Dr. Mario with these codes: 7E1E7203 –

Thanks a lot to Nensondubois for the contribution!

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Plok [SNES – Beta / Concept / Unused Stuff]

Plok was a Super Nintendo game developed by Software Creations and published by Tradewest Games in 1993 in the United States, and later by Nintendo in Europe and Activision in Japan. The game is a traditional platform game starring a character named “Plok.” [Info from Wikipedia]

At the Pickford Bros’s website they have an interesting archive with many info and concept arts from the development of the game, in which we can see some unused costumes and characters. The Plok project started out as another game called “Fleapit” a coin-op developed while Pickford Bros worked at Zippo Games, for Rare’s custom hardware ‘Razz’ board. The game was fully playable and about half complete when it was put on hold and eventually canned by the closure of the studio.

Retrogamer96 has let us known about three unused / test levels that were found in the game code. If you use an action replay you can acces to some glitched up stages called “Bedream Fens”, “Bredanni Bog” and more “Test Drive” levels. One interesting level includes all of Plok’s costumes including the ones used in the Fleapit stages.

Thanks to Adrien Baptis we found out more info about these removed levels (check the video below!). For the Test Drives, only the first one is playable and let you test all the vehicules and costumes of the game (the code is 7E084A28). The others Test Drives will drop you in an invisible water.

For the three beta/secret levels, they are “Brendammi bog” (the codes is 7E084A1D), “Badream fens” (the codes is 7E084A1E) and “Breezy beach”(the codes is 7E084A1F). Actually, we can see where those levels are on the map. All you have to do is to go in a regular level without the code, put the code on when you’re in the level, then die. With that, Plok will not return in the level but will be on the map : he acts like he just beat Rockyfella and wants to go in the fleas’ hole. But instead of jumping in, he walks forward and stops on the bogs. That’s where the level “Brendammi bog” is. With the other two levels, Plok walks through the bog and go to the south beach.

Thanks to Retrogamer96 and Adrien Baptis for the contributions!




Toxic Crusaders [SNES – Cancelled]

Toxic Crusaders is an animated series based on the Toxic Avenger films. It features Toxie, the lead character of the films leading a trio of misfit superheroes who combat pollution. Video games based on Toxic Crusaders were also produced by Bandai and Sega, which were released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, and Sega Genesis.[Info from Wikipedia]

A Super Nintendo version was in development by Bandai, but it was never released in the end. It looked different from the Genesis version, that was developed by Sega. Some screens of the SNES version can be seen in the issue 39 of EGM.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!


Street Fighter Alpha 2 [SNES – Beta?]

Street Fighter Alpha 2 (also known as Street Fighter Zero 2) is a 1996 fighting game originally released for the CPS II arcade hardware by Capcom, and later ported to the SNES. Israel has found some beta SFA2 screens for the SNES/SFC version. These were published in the “Club Nintendo” magazine in Mexico.

According to the magazine, SFZ2 was going to include “an special chip to aid in data an sprite processing to make the game more fluid”. The description matches Nintendo’s SA-1 chip but there are no confirmations if it was going to be an SA-1 game.

There is some evidence that it could have been the case, thought:

1. The characters seem to be bigger in the beta, at least in the Rolent vs Vega shot. In the Sakura vs Sakura shot you can tell by the size of her thighs.

2. In the final build, the shadows flickered while in the beta they don’t (both can be seen in the shots). Why is this relevant? In the finalized game the flicker doesn’t look good. Why didn’t they just leave them like in the beta?

Israel thinks that they were indeed aiming towards a SA-1 cartridge but late in the development cycle they switched to a SA-1 + S-DD1 because of space constrains and maybe in the last few weeks decided to settle for a S-DD1 only cart due to costs concerns.

The screenshots were published in August 1996 so that means the the screenshots were taken in June or July. SFA2 was released in November so it must have gone gold in October at least.

Some differences noticed in the screenshots:

  • The game used to have a custom font for the character names. This was changed to a default SNES font.
  • Win icons were red (Sakura vs Sakura screenshot)
  • Shadows didn’t flicker, both are visible in the screenshots.
  • Characters seem to be a little bigger than their final iterations.

Thanks to Israel for the contribution!


Havoc (King Arthur’s world) [SNES – Beta]

King Arthur’s World is a 1993 side-scrolling strategy game for the Super NES. It was developed by Argonaut Games and published by Jaleco. In July 2009, Carnivol released an early beta the game throught the SNES Central website: the demo was called “Havoc” and there’s a playable level with almost the same gameplay as the final version, a different control scheme, some changes in the graphic and the HUD. For more info and to download the beta, check the Havoc page on SNES Central!