Tetris & Dr. Mario [SNES – Unused Stuff]

Tetris & Dr. Mario [SNES – Unused Stuff]

Tetris & Dr. Mario is a compilation for the Super Nintendo, containing the two individual games. Nensondubois has found that there is an unused and fully complete options menu in this compilation, that was removed for one reason or another from the final version.

The options menu can still be acessed thanks to a code created by Nensondubois. To access the Tetris options menu, you will need this PAR code 7E1E1B03, which will modify the menu selected. The options menu contains a set of options that are standard to most games. You will find a fully working control setup and input test (for testing the buttons on your controller). The sound test is somewhat incomplete (maybe Nintendo was lazy and didn’t bother finishing it).

For Dr. Mario it is the same situation. Here is the PAR code for Dr. Mario: 7E1E7203. Mixed Match is quite different but the game contains the same fully working set of options: to access it you will need to go to Tetris then activate this code 7E1E0E02 and you will be taken to the Mixed Match options menu. There are also some unused sounds in the Sound tests. There is also a Tetris debug menu that is very difficult to get working, but you could see it with “7E1E0E09”. This code will allow you to replace the selected game with the Tetris debug menu.

On a related note, there is also a way to access the entire game of Tetris & Dr. Mario in the BS version of Dr. Mario with these codes: 7E1E7203 –

Thanks a lot to Nensondubois for the contribution!

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