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Power Punch II [NES – Prototype]

Power Punch II was an NES boxing game released in 1992. Originally conceived as a sequel to the 1987 NES game Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! (with the title “Mike Tyson’s Intergalactic Power Punch”), the game was developed by Beam Software under supervision from Nintendo.

However, while the game was in production Tyson was tried for the rape of Desiree Washington and the project started to fall apart. In order to not promote Tyson’s questionable character, the designers changed the name of the boxer in the game to “Tough Guy” Mark Tyler and slightly altered his appearance, even though his face is still distinctly styled after Tyson. His attire in the game was also changed from Tyson’s traditional all black with red gloves gear to an all pink motif. Any references to Don King were also cut from the game. There is a manager bearing resemblance to King in the game, but Don King’s infamous hairstyle was removed from the character to try to dispel the association. [Infos from Wikipedia]

When Nintendo disowned the production of the game, it was published as “Power Punch II” by American Softworks Corp.

The original “”Mike Tyson’s Intergalactic Power Punch”” prototype conceived by Nintendo was later released thanks to the Nintendo Age Community (that raised $1500 for the owner of the proto to dump it) as a download or you can own the original reproduction of the prototype by Retro Zone to play it on your NES!.

Thanks to Ducky Wensel for the contribution!




Mega Man 4 [NES – Beta]

Mega Man 4 was released in December 1991 in Japan and in January 1992 in America. Some days ago, Protodude has found an old scan with Electronic Gaming Monthly’s coverage of CES 1991, in which we can see a beta version of Mega Man 4 with a removed Boss (Sphinx midboss?), some different details in the levels and an early Stage Select! You can read more in the original post.

Thanks a lot to Protodude for the contribution!


Drac’s Night Out [NES – Unreleased]

Drac’s Night Out is a unreleased platform/puzzle game for the Nes. I don’t really understand why, but this game was selected as a form of advertising for the Reebok’s shoes Pump, which are used in the game by Dracula to run faster. And you really need it, because in order to suck the blood of the “lovely girl Mina” before the time runs out, you have to avoid the villagers at all costs using various traps. Drac’s Night Out is so hard and badly designed that i think that even the developers stopped playing it after ten seconds.


Faxanadu [NES – Unused Sprites]

Faxanadu is a platform adventure game for the NES, that was developed and released in Japan by Hudson Soft in 1987. In 1989, Nintendo of America released the game as a first-party title in the US and in the European market in 1990. Faxanadu can be considered a side-story of Xanadu, which is the second installment of Falcom’s long-running RPG series, Dragon Slayer. [Infos from Wikipedia]

Thanks to Robert Seddon we found out this page on, where we can see some interesting sprites that were never used in the game: “‘The IDs of these enemies are 18, 29, 36, 39, 43, 70 (all decimal). Two defined NPCs also never actually appear in the game. The first one is the lovely blue lady with ID 53, the
other one is the child with ID 54.’