Mother (Earthbound) [Beta – NES / Famicom]

Mother (Earthbound) [Beta – NES / Famicom]

Mother (aka Earth Bound) is a RPG developed by Nintendo Tokyo Research and Development Products in cooperation with Ape, published only in Japan for the Famicom in 1989. Thanks to OKeijiDragon and GlitterBerri, we are able to have a look at an old beta video, in wich we can notice many little differences in the beta version of Mother.

Originally found on Nico Nico Douga titled, ファミマガ Video 【 1989年 5月号 (2/2) 】 (literally Famimaga Video May 1989), I stumbled upon this interesting Mother footage while searching for media on Mother 3 for Shat-Canned Legends. Same as the SMB3 footage.

The video shows the various differences of this prerelease version to the final version that my annotations go over. While there isn’t anything hugely major to show, the path from Ninten’s house looks to be mirrored, some game menu details are different, and the O on 0:07 is at the lower right corner of the title!


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5 thoughts on “Mother (Earthbound) [Beta – NES / Famicom]

  1. DemonsThanatos

    There are 4 prototypes of the game, 3 have been found but no one knows where exactly the fourth one is at. You can buy a reproduction cart of the game for about $25.00 .

  2. Jack

    Nobody growing up during the NES heyday in the 80’s enjoyed RPGs. RPGs were boring then, and they still are to my generation. It’s astounding how kids these days just accept RPGS. Mother would’ve been a bore too. I don’t care how quirky the plot is.

  3. Ken

    I agree with RPG’s being not all that fun to play on the NES, but in my opinion, RPG’s have been great ever since the SNES. This may be because they are my favorite kinds of games, but I don’t find them boring and story keeps a game going for me, especially throughout my generation. I’m a big fan of Earthbound on the SNES and (at least personally) I think I would have enjoyed Mother 1. Funny how people can have such different ideas on things, eh?

  4. Angel

    Having grown up in the 80’s, I can say that Jack’s blanket statement is false. Even if I didn’t really like RPGs until SNES came along.

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