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Rygar [Beta – NES]

Rygar is a 2D side scrolling action game created by Tecmo in 1986 and originally released for arcades in Japan as Argus no Senshi. An home-version for Nintendo was released on April 1987 in Japan for the Famicom as Argos no Senshi and later that year in the United States for the NES. A European release came in 1990.

Yes, a beta version of this horribly under rated classic exists somewhere out there in the world. However all we have to acknowledge its existence with are screenshots. The following screen shots were scanned from the back of the American, European and Japanese boxes as well as a Japanese magazine ad for the game.

The quality is not that great but these were not photoshopped at all.

This was taken from the back of the Japanese box. It shows the first stage. Notice the mountains are not purple and the trees have branches.

Here we see Garloz. Notice the shrine on the right not present in the final version of the game?

Here we see the very top of the Gran Mountain. Just before you travel to the Tower of Garba. Notice that the tree stumps that you use the cross bow on are thinner than they appear in the final version of the game? Also notice that the ropes are attached to different platforms than shown in the actual release?

Last but not least, the Japanese advertisement shown in magazines back in the day. MANY screenshots of an obvious beta are shown. Notice the Hermit’s room has no platform to the left or door to exit? Notice that the boss of the Tower of Garba is being fought on the first floor? Also notice that the world of Lapis is shown with Rygar crossing a rope on cliffs not seen in the actual game?

December 14th, 2012, another screenshot from the beta has been found. This time, a moon seems to have been removed from the background of the Gran Mountain stage. It seems that there was supposed to be some transitioning from day to night in this game that was scrapped.

A beta must exist somewhere and hopefully some day, someone will find it.

Post by Casey Strain


Cheetahmen 2 [NES – Cancelled]

Cheetahmen 2 is a cancelled side-scrolling action game developed by Active Enterprises for the NES back in the early 1990’s.


Cheetahmen 2 was going to be a sequal to the original cheetahmen that was released with Action 52 in 1991 on the NES and Genesis back in 1993. The game itself was never released for unkown reasons, perhaps due to poor sales of Action 52 and the backlash it recived from critics.

In the mid 1990’s the games cartriges were obtained legally from the warehouse and were sold to the public.

Nowadays the game has already been dumped onto the net and can be played using an emulator, while the cartriges, although rare, can be bought online.


The story of cheetahmen starts with an opening cut scene stating that Doctor Morbis (the Antagonist of the story) creates a new creature known as “Ape Man”. He then uses ape man to destroy the cheetahmen (Aries, Apollo, Hercules) and the player must stop Dr. Morbis.

“Full” Game and Level Design:

Most of the game has orignal levels – except for the last two levels, witch were imported from the orignal cheetahmen on the NES (the last two levels can only be played via moding the cheetahmen image file) . There are several new bosses and one new attack for the cheetahmen that is seen in this sequal but not seen in the orignal game.

Notes about Cheetahmen 2:

  • The Cheetahmen 2 cartridge reuses the NES Action 52 cartridge with just a gold with black lettering Cheetahmen 2 sticker.
  • The sounds, sprites, animations were reused from the orginal Cheetahmen on the NES.

You can view the entire game below:

Credit goes to cheaterdragon1 for correcting many mistakes in this article. 

Mother (Earthbound) [Beta – NES / Famicom]

Mother (aka Earth Bound) is a RPG developed by Nintendo Tokyo Research and Development Products in cooperation with Ape, published only in Japan for the Famicom in 1989. Thanks to OKeijiDragon and GlitterBerri, we are able to have a look at an old beta video, in wich we can notice many little differences in the beta version of Mother.

Originally found on Nico Nico Douga titled, ファミマガ Video 【 1989年 5月号 (2/2) 】 (literally Famimaga Video May 1989), I stumbled upon this interesting Mother footage while searching for media on Mother 3 for Shat-Canned Legends. Same as the SMB3 footage.

The video shows the various differences of this prerelease version to the final version that my annotations go over. While there isn’t anything hugely major to show, the path from Ninten’s house looks to be mirrored, some game menu details are different, and the O on 0:07 is at the lower right corner of the title!



Shinkai (God World) [NES – Cancelled]

Shinkai (translated by mrdomino as God World) is a cancelled adventure game (?) that was in development by Toei Animation for the Famicom / NES. It seems that players would have took the role of a dead guy, that somehow had to interact with good and evil gods.. or something like that. Sadly there are not many more info on the project, but only a scan and a couple of screens shared online by a japanese website.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!


Super Dog Booby: Akachan Daibouken no Maki [NES – Cancelled]

Super Dog Booby: Akachan Daibouken no Maki (translated by mrdomino as Super Dog Booby: Baby Adventure Volume), is a cancelled platform / action game that was in development in 1990 / 1991 by Jaleco / Taito for the Famicom / NES. Some scans and info were posted in a japanese website, from which it seems that the game was also shown in a playable form at a gaming event in 1991 and it was also offered as a prize in a contest by a japanese magazine. In the end Super Dog Booby was never released for unknown reasons.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!