Switchblade 2 [NES – Cancelled]

Switchblade 2 [NES – Cancelled]

Switchblade 2 is side-scrolling action title originally developed by Core Design and published by Gremlin Interactive for Amiga in 1991. A Famicom / NES port of the game, created by Kemco, was slated for release in november 1992. The player controlled a soldier, nicknamed “Switchblade”,  who had to save planet F-S5 from an alien invasion. As in similar action titles, he was able to double jump, use blades, guns, and collect power-ups for the latter. More weapons and upgrades could also be bought in the store.

It’s unknown why Kemco never released their version of Switchblade 2 or if it had any major difference compared to the original Amiga version, graphics aside.



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10 thoughts on “Switchblade 2 [NES – Cancelled]

  1. Scott

    I’m a big fan of the first SwitchBlade game on my Amiga and CPC and not that into the sequel (by different developers who made it a bit more of a generic action platformer) but I still like it and I’m surprised I’ve never known that NES port had been in development. Would love to play it sometime if anyone gets a hold of it to make a rom file. In the original home computer versions the player character is called ‘Hiro’ and is a member of the Bladeknights though I seem to remember the character in SwitchBlade 2 is also called Hiro but a descendant of the original apparently. He looks a bit strangely coloured in these NES screenshots but otherwise the game looks fairly authentic to the Amiga game.

    1. monokoma

      it would be interesting to see if there were any differences in the NES version, i guess we’ll have to wait and see if a proto will ever be released

      1. Christian Harvey

        The NES version was the same as the Amiga version (bar some graphical differences obviously). Gameplay was the same. Gremlin had a case of sour grapes after I left them to work in the USA for a lot more money (they actually used to value video game programmers in the USA before Apple came along and fucked everything up). So Gremlin decided to be big babies and not release it. There you go. Thats the story from the dude who spent a year programming this on a dev system of my own design. Case Closed.

  2. chris harvey (programmer and lead on SWB II NES)

    My brother sent me over the source code for SWBII (it was on an old PC in the attic in the UK). Brings back memories. No plans to do anything with it. George and Gregg’s Amiga version was always the Grandaddy (NES was a cash grab for Gremlin) I did do an awesome job on it though :) . Greggs pulled out all the stops on the graphics. ans the music was top notch. Aaaah what might have been. (I have a ROM with a finished version) Yes I actually finished it (the coding that is) (still have my dev kit). Never gonna sell it though. It’s for my kid.

  3. chris harvey (programmer and lead on SWB II NES)

    Some dude offered me $1000 for a finished ROM….. Here was my advice. Take out a sharpie. Now take out a piecee of paper. Write down how much you want to pay me on aforesaid piece of paper. Now it up REAL tight…. and push it up your PRICK HOLE! Idiot.

    1. Eli

      Hey Chris, are you talking about me? We sort of gave you an offer based off finders fee as we own the IP. So you are confirming you do have a rom? what would be the price you would consider to submit the ROM?

      Thank you.

  4. Roberth Martinez

    Knowing that SimCity for the NES has been finally released to the public, i do hope that NES Switchblade II is also released online for everybody to enjoy :) Try to make that possible someday Chris Harvey :D As a fan of the two games…

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