Nintendo DS

Aliens: Colonial Marines [DS – Cancelled]

Aliens: Colonial Marines is a side scrolling action game (similar to Contra / Metal Slug) that was in development by WayForward Technologies for the Nintendo DS, but the project was later cancelled along with all the other Aliens games that were going to be published by SEGA (a FPS and an RPG for the Xbox 360 / PS3). It seems that SEGA decided to not release the Aliens games for financial troubles.

Thanks to Dark_ViVi and ABetaName for the contribution!




Megaman Starforce [Beta / Unused – DS]

Granville has wrote an interesting topic in the U64 Forum, in which he showed us some misterious textures that seems to have been found by The Spriters Resource in the Megaman Starforce code. In these textures we can recognize various 3D models from the Megaman Battle Network series!

The problem is that there was no 3D MMBN for the DS and MMBN5 DS was just a compilation port of both GBA versions of Battle Network 5. It was pretty much identical to the GBA as it had the same 2D graphics apart from a couple of models. There were a total of 3 3D models in MMBN5 DS- Megaman, Protoman, and Colonel. The Megaman model that was found in MM Starforce could be from BN5, but that’s about it. Hidden in the MMSF code there’s Lan, some kid, a town, Lan’s room, and some net areas all in 3D and can’t be found anywhere in BN5DS.

As Granville has wrote, it could be possible that Capcom used “MMBN5’s engine as a base for Starforce at first. Likely they intended Starforce to be a true Battle Network 7 originally, but then they modded the game so much that it became its own series.” If this is trye, then these Battle Network 3D models could be the only remains from the original Starforce prototype.

You can read more info about these unused models at Mega Rock Blog!

Here are some beta images from MHFsilver, used in promotional videos and articles:

These images show a wide difference between the beta and final version. Some images include their beta version compared to their final version. For more information, you can check the Rockman EXE Zone Forum!

Thanks a lot to Granville, MegaRockReborn, tgarciao and MHFsilver for the contributions and huge props to MegaRockEXE for the find!




Phantasy Star Zero [DS – Beta / Concept]


PS0 is the new chapter in the Phantasy Star Online series of games, that was released for the Nintendo DS the 25 december 2008 (Japanese version). When SEGA started to work on the game, various prototypes and different character designs were tried before to choose the final one. In the earliest stage of development, they recreated the Forest area from the original PSO Dreamcast on the DS, with Boomas and the famous Dragon. It seems that initially items / mesetas were dropped on the field when an enemy was killed, instead of coming out from the final-box that appears only after all the enemies are died, as it is in the final version of the game. Probably SEGA decided to remove the single-enemy drops because of the limited graphic capabilities of the portable console (with too many 3D objects on the screen, the game could have slow down too much). In other concept arts and screens, we can see a “more stylish” design for the characters, that looked more like the one from the original PSO.  In one of the  artworks there are even some “flamed-head” enemies with guns, but there are no enemies like that in the final game. All these images were show at the Phantasy Star Zero Christmas Party that Sega organized to promote the game on the 25 December 2008.


Mario Kart [DS – Beta / Kiosk Version Comparison]


Mario Kart DS - Beta

Mario Kart DS have some interesting beta differences. This game was going to include a few more tracks, such as Mario Circuit from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (no obstacles etc.), which was probably replaced by GCN Luigi Circuit, a Koopa Beach-type track (nokonoko_course), and Mario Kart: Double Dash’s Block City battle area, which is unfinished. There was also an mysterious “Dokan Course” stage, as well as a simple, circular test area (test_circle) smaller than Baby Park; both of these (and the latter one for sure) could’ve been debugging stages not planned for inclusion in the final game. These areas can still be accessed using Action Replay DS (No textures) or ROM Hacking (with textures.)

Waluigi Pinball was also very different in betas, with fairly different music and no pinballs, and the objects looked very different, albeit probably a programming error. Demo copies of the game actually showed it with quite a few object differences (such as more bumpers and a less direct launch towards the beginning). The demo version also had a DK Pass-like course with a grassland theme rather than a snow one, with a lone Thwomp near the finish line, as well as many other small differences mostly regarding walls and jumps. It was replaced with the above course in the final.

Finally, demo version released for stores by Nintendo depicted the Chain Chomp (which could not actually be retrieved in the demo version itself) as an item; it is presumed that this Chomp munition would work in a manner similar to that of the Chain Chomps in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, making it likely that Chain Chomps were removed from the game in favor of Bullet Bills. The item roulette actually used placeholders from MKDD as their icons, so it could have just been carried from there.

Also, DRMARIOX and Falcon88 made us to notice about some other differences:

  • GCN Mario Circut has no hazards (ex. No Trees or Chain Chomps)
  • Chain Chomps have no mouth animation

On Forum has shared the “Mario Kart CW Tri” hack, with most of the Beta tracks playable with textures. Also at you can read all the Beta info that they found with hacking. Thanks to / Mario Kart CW Project we also know about the Beta Character and Cups:

  • E.Gadd was planned for MKDS.
  • The Retro GP used to be called SNES Cup, N64 Cup, GBA Cup and GCN Cup.

Mario Kart DS - Kiosk

First, what means a Kiosk game?

A Kiosk game are the free distributed games in such in conferences, stores or promoted places.

Mario Kart DS Kiosk have been released on the download station, 4 cups to play (2 from DS and 2 from Retro). And the classic characters to play.

But, Gabrielwoj have found some miscellaneous stuff that probably have been cut from the game:

  • Exploring the game, there is some Japanese menus. Which seems to be an old main menu to the game. The menu also illustrates Karts from Mario Kart Double Dash, it’s still unknown if the mechanisms of the game should be like Mario Kart Double Dash:

*Click it for enlarge*
Translated: (Thanks to Susumu for translating!)

*Click it for enlarge*

  • Probably, a minigame could be unlocked when progressing the game, Mario Bros. sprites are still banked in the game:

*Click it for enlarge*

There is even the pause:

Susumu’s translation:

  • Unknown:


Analyzing the game sprites of Kiosk and Final version, we can see little differences, such as in menus, in the physics, on the musics and others.

Item comparison:


In the Kiosk version we can see some different styles in the icons. But we can notice too that they are sightly more shaded, or flipped.

Map Icons comparison:


In the Kiosk version, there is some other effects, such as crashes (which sent the player diagonally to the side.), turbo in the game (which didn’t have a blue effect near the tyres)

In the Final version, the counter goes to 3x to 1x, in the Kiosk version, it only shows 3x and 1x


Thanks to Borman for some of the videos and to UltimatePisman/YamiHoshi(.nl), DRMARIOX / Falcon88 and Gabrielwoj for the contributions!




Yoshi’s Island 2 [DS – Beta]


Yoshi’s Island DS (which was initially referred to as Yoshi’s Island 2) was originally going to be compatible with Nintendo Wi-Fi. Also, one early screenshot showcasing a battle with Big Guy the Stilted seems to suggest that Big Guy was once going to be organic, as he had no patches on him in that picture (although one patch was visible near his right foot, which may merely mean his graphics were slightly incomplete). Finally, one screenshot of an unknown origin shows a Black Yoshi traversing a flowery area with Baby Peach. The particular event illustrated in the picture doesn’t seem to be left in the final game. Baby Peach’s cry was also going to sound more adult- like. [Info from Mariowiki]

Hiccup noticed more differences in the beta videos below:

Video 1:
Different Colour Yoshi’s Maybe?

Big Guy is red like normal shy guys

Video 2:
Classic sound for baby getting on Yoshi
Jumping on bouncy spring Yoshi does different noise
Different jumping Yoshi voices
Quicker egg swallowing?
Pop noise for egg?
Different sound for talking block?
Different sound for red steps appearing?
Different sound for turn pink wheel platform?
Car horn sound for stork stop
Different sound for baby peach crying
Yoshi cant stomp shy guys
Pipe leading up in underground area instead of hole
Different sound for going through middle ring
Different sound for defeating puritan plant
Different enemy, talking block, and flower placement
Completely different end level jingle
Different noise for counting up score

Video 3:
Different Level name display
Different level beginning drums
Different Placement of arrow at beginning with giant tap

Video 4:
World 1-8 Gilbert The Gooneys Castle (final version) has a different the over music (probably because they haven’t finished the music so every level has the same)
The boss of that level has over music too

Video 5:
3D coins and different Yoshi voices (jumping on bouncy jump board)

Also Kieranmay noticed some more differences in the beta:

Video 6:

when yoshi’s got hurt with baby peach on his back, her cry was different like a childs voice
when you swap babies there is a siren which is not in the final version
at the end the music is different when you reach the goal and then when the score is shown (no music is playing)
right at the start, the bongo music sounds different from the final version
baby wario wasn’t present in
on the title screen the birds eye view of yoshi’s island is just stood still but in the final version it shows you all around each side of the island

And adanfime noticed that on video 4 it is shown that Yoshi can run with Baby Peach, when on the final game, Yoshi can only run with Baby Mario!